Cucumber Sprouts

  • The cucumber seedlings are doing well. I graduated them to Stage 2 over the weekend. Screen said it would take 10 minutes but first time change requires more than that. I suggest a range of expected time. It varies based on your proximity to water, dumping place and how much water you are willing to carry safely. No big deal. Here is a picture of cucumber plant.! Whoops spending too much time trying to figure out how to upload pictures. Bye for now.

  • @jt Thanks! My next time will be much faster also. In stage 3 now and plant is thriving.

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  • Hi @Svoboda -- Thanks, yes I think until you get systems worked out the stage changes can take a little longer. A few tips:

    • Empty into a 5 gallon bucket (home depot buckets, $4, work great). You should only need to empty it once after a few gallons are in, then you can let it run for a while without worrying. I splash the excess nutrients on my lawn.

    • Prefill some water jugs. The AeroGarden 1 gallon jugs are great (so are 1 gallon plastic milk jugs). Filling as you clean the kitchen makes it easy.

    • When I do these things a water change takes me only about 5 minutes of actual "work" time just carrying buckets outside etc. Anyone have other tips?

  • When you trellis the cucumber it may be wise to do it vertically instead of horizontally. If you put two in, one on top of the other, the tendrils can climb up the trellis towards the "sun".

  • @Svoboda This is looking very healthy, great job! Everything I'm reading says to wait 3-5 weeks before pruning, or about when they're 1-2 ft in height. About how tall is your plant now?

    Intuitively, I'd want to prune off some of the bigger leaves from the top, to allow more light to reach the new growth underneath, but not if it's still too early to prune.

    The trellis will certainly come in handy as the cucumbers themselves are going to be heavy and we'll need to train the plant to best utilize the space in the BLOOM. I don't think you'll need to install the trellis just yet, but keep posting pictures for help and use your judgement when you think they need some taming. A second trellis or perhaps more suction cups to tie up some additional string could also help hold some of the weight of the plant and fruit in the near future. We're starting to get creative with these BLOOM's and seeing what works best so don't be afraid to do the same! :)

    Although this article is showing more viney varieties, I think it's still a good reference for how to prune and trim cucumbers at the right time and where on the plant. The pictures in the article are very helpful!

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  • Hi @Svoboda! We appreciate the feedback on changing stages and will work on making this more clear for future users. To upload photos, you'll have to have them saved onto your computer (I find it easiest to take photos on your smartphone and then email them to yourself). Once saved onto your computer, you can either

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