Instructions for uploading pictures.

  • I am spending too much time trying to upload pics to the Show what you grow thread. It is probably very easy but needs to be easier!

  • There have been a couple of different days that I have tried to post pictures and have been unable to. When I try to upload a picture today I am getting an error like this (although it goes longer)

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  • Hi @Svoboda! To upload photos, you'll want to have them saved onto your computer (I find it easiest to take photos on your smartphone and then email them to yourself). Once saved onto your computer, you can either

    -Drag and drop the image into the textbox
    -Click the "Upload Image" icon (shown below)

    -OR copy and paste a photo into the textbox.

    You'll see the image uploading (wait until you see 100% to click Submit and finish your post).

    The post will always show a preview on the right, so you can see when the photo has completely uploaded there.

    If you'd like, we can certainly set up a video call to walk you through the process. We're eager to take a look at your plant!

    Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks again!