How to Clean your BLOOM

  • We recommend thoroughly cleaning your BLOOM after each grow OR if you have unfortunately experienced any type of plant disease or pests. If you've experienced plant disease or pests, you'll want to follow the cleaning steps very carefully to eradicate the issue.

    You can access step-by-step cleaning instructions from the Main Menu on your Control Panel.

    You’ll need:
    -AeroGarden No-rinse Hydroponic Cleanser (included in your BLOOM Welcome Pack or available on
    -Either vinegar or a 20:1 water to bleach solution.
    -Dish soap
    -A bucket for draining your Nutrient Reservoir as well as your Drain Tube that is secured to the back of the Light Blocker.
    -Water jug for refilling the reservoir
    -Gloves (optional)
    -2 Carbon Filters (change every 6 months, available on
    -Evaporative Media (change every 6 months, available on

    Here's what the Control Panel will walk you through so you know what to expect:

    1 - Drain your Nutrient Reservoir (same process as completing a water change) NOTE: It is OK if there is still a little bit of water left in the reservoir.
    2 - Cut out your old plants and roots to compost.
    3 - Remove your Grow Deck and thoroughly clean with soap and water in a sink. Be sure to clear all roots out.
    4 - Use vinegar or a 20:1 water to bleach solution to wipe all surfaces of the BLOOM, try your best to wipe all crevices. Gloves are recommended, especially if using bleach.
    5 - Refill Nutrient Reservoir according to Control Panel Instructions and use the Hydroponic No-Rinse Cleanser as instructed to sanitize. This will turn off the dosing pumps and allow the sanitizing solution to circulate through the BLOOM. The system will run this process for 180 minutes and count down the time.
    6 - When the countdown reaches 0, touch next and you'll drain the sanitizing solution from the reservoir.
    7 - Next, you'll refill the reservoir with 2 gallons of water and allow the system to circulate the fresh water for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes is up, continue to drain the water into a bucket.
    8 - Replace Carbon Filters (Pictures and instructions on Control Panel)
    9 - Replace Evaporator Sponge (Pictures and instructions on Control Panel)
    10 - Cleaning is complete, Control Panel will show options for re-planting.

    Please post here if you have any questions or feedback on the process.