Moving your BLOOM

  • If you are moving homes or even just moving your BLOOM up or down stairs in your current home, you'll want to follow these instructions to empty all Nutrient and Water Reservoirs prior to moving. If you do not empty all of the reservoirs fully, you will end up with a big mess on your hands.

    Tools and accessories needed:

    • Bucket
    • Drain Tube (on the back of your Light Blocker)
    • Towels

    TIP: If you are currently growing a plant, check to make sure that your Irrigation Cycle is not set to turn on while completing these steps. To do so, tap the Water Symbol on your Home Screen. Your Control Panel will tell you how long you have until your next Irrigation Cycle begins. Give yourself plenty of time (at least 30 minutes) to drain the Nutrient and Chiller Reservoirs.

    There are 4 Reservoirs that you'll need to empty:

    Step 1: Drain your Nutrient Reservoir. Go to the Main Menu and tap the "Drain Reservoir" option. Follow the steps on the Control Panel to use the pump to drain as much water from the Nutrient Reservoir as possible. If there is a still an inch of water on the bottom of the Reservoir, use a towel to soak up the remaining water and squeeze it out into a bucket.

    Step 2: Drain your Chiller Reservoir. Remove your grow deck and set aside to be able to access your Chiller Reservoir. There may still be a little bit of water left inside your Grow Deck, so be sure to place this on a pan or in a sink to avoid getting any surfaces wet that you don't want wet.

    Disconnect the right Chiller Pump Quick Connect (shown below) and attach your Drain Tube to the Quick Connect. Place the other end of the tube into an empty bucket.


    On your Control Panel, go to the Main Menu and tap "System Check". You do not have to complete the full System Check, tap "It's Working, Next..." until you reach the "Chiller" system check step. When you're positive that the Drain Tube is properly connected to the Chiller Pump Quick Connect, tap "Test" to run the Chiller Pump and drain the water into the bucket. Remember that the Chiller Reservoir holds about 1.5 gallons of water when full.

    Step 3: Empty your Humidifier Reservoir. Remove the Humidifier cover and remove the Humidifier Reservoir by pulling up and out and empty the water into a sink. Check the area where the Humidifier Reservoir sits in the BLOOM to check for any excess water that may have collected. Use a towel to soak up any excess water and squeeze into a bucket. Once the area is dry, you can place the empty Humidifier Reservoir back into place and snap the Humidifier cover back into place.

    Step 4: Empty water from the Evaporator drain. For this step, you will need access to the back of the BLOOM. Remove the Evaporator Cover by hand-twisting the screw. Next, remove the Evaporative media and set aside.


    You'll notice that there may me some water in the trough that sits below the space where you removed the Evaporative Media.


    Use a small dish towel to soak up the water and squeeze into a bucket. Try to get this area as dry as possible. Once empty, place the Evaporative Media back into the slot and screw the Evaporator Cover back onto the BLOOM.

    Step 5: Remove all 5 Nutrient solution bottles from the BLOOM. You can leave these filled with nutrients, but be sure to keep them upright and tape up the small holes on the back tops so nothing spills during your move.

    You are ready to move your BLOOM once all reservoirs are empty! Follow these safety tips for moving:

    Switch off the BLOOM power using the power switch. Then unplug the BLOOM power cord from the BLOOM and wall outlet to avoid dragging and damaging the power cord.

    When moving the BLOOM up or down stairs (even just one step), use a dolly and tilt to one side so the weight is balanced. Moving the BLOOM up or down stairs requires 2 or more people. Do not attempt yourself. Keep it as upright as possible and move carefully to avoid bumps and knocks. Never lay the BLOOM on its side or turn upside down. This can weaken or damage the cooling mechanism inside.

    It is recommended to wrap the BLOOM with some sort of padding to avoid damage during the move. You can use whatever you'd like for protection such as bubble wrap, blankets, or foam padding. Be sure to strap the BLOOM into place on a moving truck or van so that the BLOOM does not slide on its castors during transport.