Advanced Settings

  • You can access "Advanced Settings" from the Main Menu on your BLOOM Control Panel. You may or may not want to use these depending on what you're growing, but it good to know what you can utilize to customize your grow even more! Here is a breakdown of what the Advanced Settings consist of:

    Irrigation Times - You can adjust the Irrigation Cycle by setting the amount of time your Irrigation Pump will run by choosing Minutes ON and Minutes OFF. We’ve found that most plants grow well with 10 minutes On and 50 minutes Off, but you may learn that your plants need more or less water.

    Lights Power - BLOOM is equipped with a total of 300 Watts of LED lighting. Sometimes, this can be too much light for certain plants. Use the sliding scale to adjust light power down to your desired percent and/or turn the top or side lights off with the tap of a finger.

    Night Temperature - BLOOM operates on a night/day temperature differential to mimic normal swings in temperature during darker hours. You can adjust this to a temperature differential of up to 19 degrees F.

    Chiller Temperature - View your current Chiller Reservoir water temperature.

    Advanced Reset - Need to restore to factory settings? Use this function to do so