The Hard Decision

  • When growing Peppers from seed, if you planted 3-5 seeds in the pod to make sure you'd get at least one seed germinating, then you are bound to get more than one little plant coming up within a couple of weeks. I got four! :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling:


    However, exactly because I am growing these in a single pod, now that these little guys are about 2" tall, I must make a hard decision: Which one of the bunch am I going to allow to keep on growing?!

    Yes!! :disappointed_relieved: I have to cut out my extra little seedlings and leave only one. Why? Well, because it WILL be huge! And I only have enough space for one. So ... I must make the tough decision. Choose one, and cut away the rest. Here they are, and here I go.


    And so, I did it. Very reluctantly and sadly, I had to let 3 little seedlings go and keep the healthiest one of the bunch.

    The first time I had to do this was very hard, because ... what if the one doesn't make it? ... why can't I just grow them all, they are so tiny?! ... why...? But, after growing once I learned. This little guy is going to be huge! So, in order to give it the best chance, it will need all the space it can get.

    Just you wait!


    Here it is! And just because it is a cute little living thing, because I want to, and because why not, I am going to name my little fajita pepper plant Henry.

    Hello Henry!

  • Ha! Thanks for the smiles. Thinning and pruning are the hardest job.