Need for pruning?

  • I am growing cucumbers. I am in stage 2. Plants are growing well. Is there a need to prune anything as the seedlings compete against one another ? I have two or three plants from the seeds I planted. Thank you for any advice.

  • Hello. The cucumber plants are thriving. I planted a Burpee variety that is resistant to disease. I would like to know if I should prune at all as the plant is dense. Also, the seeds used are of a bush variety. Should I use the trellis anyway? Thanks

  • @Svoboda we'd love to see some pictures when you have time!

  • @Svoboda Since cucumber plants tend to be viney, I would thin your plant and cut out 2 of the 3 seedlings. Pick the strongest stem to stay behind in the BLOOM. Post pics if you can and let us know if you have any other questions. Glad to hear your plant is growing strong!