Apple Bubba Kush

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  • Nooo! The training was going so well, I really wanted to see you take one that to flower. I did start my blueberry with six seeds, sex it and cut back to one. It is growing well! But feminized seed is so much more reliable and less hassle if you can find interesting strains.

  • Its a sad day for the ABK. After 25 days in the bloom and only a few in flower cycle, my plant showed signs of sex and it is a MALE!

    Noooo! That goes to show you the risk of not using feminized seeds.

    I am going to taker HIM out and start over with feminized seeds.

    If any one wants to finish this plant you have have it!



  • by the way, when I broke the branch I used athletic tape to try to adhere the branch back to itself. There are products made for this, but this is all I had on hand at the time of need.

  • Here is the ABK update!

    The growth has been the most rapid/interesting I have seen on any indoor or outdoor grown cannabis plant. This is were we are after undercutting and topping three times.


    Changed stages to be in flower stage a few days ago. According to the recipe this changes light on to be 12 hours on 12 off. It's important to do this early on to keep the plant under control and to manage the plant within the size of the BLOOM.

    I pruned the ABK from the picture above to this.




    I never expected to take off leaves that were big enough to roll your finished product in!!!


    Hard to see the bottle but that is the scale I tried to portray. It is the PH up that was included with the BLOOM cabinet.


    Now it is time to train the main branches! So I set up the suction cup trellis at the desired height.

    Unfortunately Two of my BEST topped stalks broke!!! user error

    WARNING When dropping a trellis

    GO SLOW when moving branches within the trellis


    Be careful of every branch, if it is not in the right place, it may break (which is not the end of the world.) The idea of training the branches is to stretch them out from the middle in the beginning.

    Based on how indicas grow this seems like an amazing system for them.

  • Here is a quick update on the ABK.


    The new topped stack has two healthy new branches that have grown about 4inches since the topping.

    The plant is still a bit droopy looking but growing well. Im hoping it will perk up this week, it may still be in shock from the environment change.


    You can see there are four new branches growing off of the previously topped stock. I went ahead and topped each one again as well as removing larger fan leaves and weak under growth. You can see the old topped stock in the bottom of this image and the new topped branch in the upper part of the image. we will see how these grow in and evaluate next week whether to top or not again.

  • Looking forward to seeing what both of these strains can do! Very cool that you've started both in an AeroGarden!

  • Seven days in the BLOOM!


    The topped main stock is producing the next two main branches beautifully. I took off the two lower, weaker branches leaving me with four strong ones that will provide the structure for the the entire plant. Once these grow a bit more I will most likely repeat this process until it looks the ready for the flower.


    You can tell the new roots from the old ones are much whiter and stronger. The old ones are browning which shouldn't be a problem but there could be a chance of root rot down the road.


    This is how I started the ABK from seed but here are three papaya cake clones an indica leaning hybrid. These were put in the aero garden a few days ago. Not the same strain but it will be interesting to see how the clone takes off compared to seed. No roots yet but happy and perky.

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  • This is my apple bubba kush seedling . I started this plant from seed in a bounty aero garden about 30 days ago. Since it was in an aero grow pod and established healthy roots, I cut out the inner lining of the grow basket and filled it with the provided clay ball medium. I also de-leafed and topped the plant a few days before transplanting it into the BLOOM cabinet.

    ABK grew very well outdoors this past season so Im very excited to see how it does inside the BLOOM!

  • Tasty Strain, excited to see this one veg out.