Cucumber growing!!!!!

  • This is very enjoyable! I will attach a picture and need your feedback. I also need to install the trellis. 612FF15F-9F6D-49C5-9F46-71553EBAE8A5.jpeg

  • Just to share for the rest of those watching this grow, @Svoboda and I talked privately because they were concerned about reaching places that were hard to get to due to the two trellis's that are installed. We discussed using a household fan to blow the leaves around as another method of pollinating.

    Another concern was that some flowers seemed to be dropping. This is completely normal as male flowers tend to drop and the female flowers are later to bloom, but will eventually fruit.

    @Svoboda Keep us all updated as to whether the fan method made a difference. Thanks!

  • @jt Thank you! No fruit yet but I will watch carefully and follow your advice!!

  • @bloomcs thank you! That was my thought as well.

  • That's awesome!! You can prune off some of the lower leaves now. Not too aggressively as we learn about cucumbers. Maybe take off the ugliest 5 leaves?

    Do you have any fruit yet? If it is not a self pollinating variety you may need to pollinate. Cucumbers have male and female flowers. The male flowers look like normal flowers. The female flowers have a little unfertilized cucumber already attached. It won't get bigger though unless it gets pollinated. To do that, use a qtip or paintbrush or old tooth brush to move the pollen from a male flower to a female one. The easiest way to do this at first is just to go in with your implement of choice and touch and wiggle every flower every day. Good luck!

  • Hi @Svoboda This is really taking over! Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Yes, I think this growth calls for another trellis. We've got a few extra we can send you, be on the look out for that in the next few days. When you get it, place it at the top of the plant and thread some of the vines through as best you can to train the growth throughout the BLOOM. Let us know if you need anymore advice.

  • @bloomcs hello! Here is a picture or two of the plant on the edge of a stage change. Should I add another trellis??

    B2B2DFDB-7E19-49BE-83CE-E14241A196C6.jpeg 83832C67-3A34-49BA-A3DE-A2CB08061B55.jpeg

  • @svoboda looking good! You should get flowers soon!

  • The cucumber plant is growing nicely and we installed the trellis yesterday. I have enclosed a picture.3BBC94AF-53DB-405B-A1AE-40647AE83670.jpeg 057D6511-935A-4EC0-81C0-88C964647C29.jpeg

  • @svodaba we are starting to get LOT of cucumbers in one of our test gardens. You are in for a treat! (really soon).

  • @Svoboda Looking good! Those leaves are getting huge. I'd say go ahead and place the trellis in an inch or two above the top of the plant and work some of the branches through it. This should help to spread out the growth and begin to train it upwards.