Samoa kush

  • Day six Cycle two starts tomorrow. Seeds cracked and starting to grow. Four leaves.

  • Thanks for the update and we are so excited to see how your first grow turns out! We're glad you've enjoyed the journey and we all have certainly learned a lot. Can't wait to see how your recipe adjustments do in your next grow. I think you're onto something great!

  • One last note on the strain.
    I was watching some BBC documentary about papau new guinea. They showed the stuff growing natively there. It was a sativa that all had one leaf sets of leaves all over it. It looked very similar to this.

    It makes me think that the genetics were in the plant to start with and either the switch to veg expressed those genes or it would have done this anyhow. Well never know.

  • 20210528_100759.jpg 20210528_100802.jpg 20210528_100809.jpg 20210528_100814.jpg 20210528_100816.jpg 20210528_100819.jpg 20210528_100823.jpg 20210528_100827.jpg

    This is one day before flush.

    I was able to keep it out of the lights. I had one stem touch the lights. I clipped it. Nothing else grew to touch. It was almost perfect as far as height goes.

    What a wild grow. The bloom worked great. The only thing that needs to be fixed from my experience is the nutrient delivery. You can see the burn in these images. It always got too hot. I kept up with adding water but it was always about 100 too high on the low side. Next grow I'll be changing the recipe to adjust for that myself. My hope is if I lower the recipe by 100-150 ppm for each recipe that it will be a little more mild My guess is the algorithm needs to be adjusted.

    From here I'll flush and dry and we'll see what the final product is.

    Thanks for all the input. Super fun and a great learning experience.

  • @GrowerPicker were you able to keep it out of the lights?

  • @GrowerPicker, how's she looking this week!? The suspense is killing us... :)

  • @GrowerPicker What a monster plant. We love watching your plant grow! Thank you for continuing to show us your progress.

  • The great thing about single leaves is there's less to trim!

    She has gone from ridiculous to pure insanity. If this keeps up she'll need a ward. Maybe nederland....

    20210502_114520.jpg 20210502_114527.jpg 20210502_114535.jpg 20210502_114543.jpg 20210502_114555.jpg

  • Now that I think I have seen this with monster cropping. There you are taking clones from flowering plants and revegging them. It is common for them to have morphed leaves like this. Since this plant went into flower, then to veg, then back to flower, I bet that did it. Very interesting. And yes, it looks great.

  • Looks a bit spindly and the leaves are not growing the normal 7 leaves per fan. I would guess it is stressed from reverting the stage change (lighting and nutrient dose). Def mutating, however the Bloom seems to recover and destroy environmental stresses super fast. Very excited to see the new growth!

  • @gr0w3r I have grown this same strain and this is a new pheno I would say, almost looks like a ruderalis . Looking Great! Happy Growing!

  • The different morphologies from the different strains are amazing. I think those are the strangest leaves I’ve seen on a cannabis plant! Lots of buds coming in now.

  • A better top photo. I trimmed it today again to tidy it up. Thing is stretching in a big way now. Way more than the first time it was in early bloom.
    Before and after trim.
    RNFetchBlobTmp_jubej2unqgpdpe50aqtq.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_fq1p88cx8vdh6npm4rghy7.jpg

  • Top photo. RNFetchBlobTmp_yonhw9ha1rd6ma6h2rcibu.jpg

  • Here is a front image today. She's a monster. For science baby!

  • Lookin real good, thanks for the info!

  • Of course @GrowerPicker!

    For those interested, we took out about half of the side stems and all of the undergrowth. Going to let her have a day or two to bounce back, and then more trimming to keep this beast of a plant in check with the humidity from excessive perspiration, and help direct more growth into the main stems to drive good cola growth and get less 'larfy' (small) buds.

  • We trimmed it waaaay back today. Thanks for the help henny! This thing going to be sick.
    Before and after.
    RNFetchBlobTmp_6kgdgxih23fml0addrajln.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_qqf8lcimqejfvnh0j4k8z.jpg

  • @growerpicker she looks so ready to Bloom! Keep trimming that leaf mass down in the middle and bottom where they don’t get much light anyway. This has lots of benefits but primarily will help keep your humidity in range (think of the plant like a giant water wick) and encourage energy into big buds. Any of the lower suckers that aren’t going to get much light can still be trimmed off now too. Great job! Can’t wait to watch her stretc!

  • I trimmed it again today. Here are top and side pics.
    20210408_154724.jpg RNFetchBlobTmp_uiiul3xdplweom8zj5u.jpg