Trainwreck in the making

  • Hello all

    It’s day 4 in my first grow : Trainwreck sativa dominant.

    After a bumpy first four days, including a 30 hour blackout during an ice storm, seeing the first signs of life!

    More to come


  • Overall yield of about 9oz. Good first grow and now it’s just curing. This will be the last post on this grow and will start up another soon. 8666D3C9-BE91-4981-84A7-51E0BF7EA6C1.jpeg

  • So pretty! I can’t wait to see it trimmed. Check right at 5 days, I’ve only ever hung a whole plant! Which would dry much more slowly.

  • Day 100 - cut down my plant and move to dry stage. Bud formations are pretty dense but yield looks to be relatively low comparatively. Regardless I am super excited to get a taste once it’s cured.

    Planning on a 5-7 day dry in the bloom, dry trim, and then cure in jars.

    36F8A7D3-90B2-44DC-83F2-CD7EBD22DCEE.jpeg 8D04312F-B5A0-4C5E-BF7F-B1F8FEBC0D4F.jpeg

  • @I_like_plants - thanks for the feedback. Started flushing yesterday and will monitor/post any development. Getting a bit anxious to finish this one and start another. Learned a lot and want to start fresh.

  • It is hard to tell from the picture. They dont seem to be getting cloudy. Your probably close to start flushing if the 90 days is approaching. Looks great!

  • Hello Bloomers

    Day 90 so getting close to harvest time and need some advice on when to graduate to Flush. Attached are a few pics of the trichomes. Having trouble identifying if they have matured to the cloudy white coloration. The scent is pretty powerful at this point.

    Also my plant is showing signs of nutrient burn on the tips so a touch concerned.

    Any thoughts from the group?

    276B3DD5-6872-4F30-93EA-9B9F34CFD7E4.jpeg 0983E581-3454-43C2-9C69-1A28E77EFA04.jpeg F6E892D2-50A7-4D04-ABA5-B7521C0B125B.jpeg 53AA4A2E-34E1-41EE-8C66-E712DBD669DA.jpeg

  • Day 77

    Buds continue to fill out and color is going from opaque to solid whites and the typical trainwreck burnt orange. Based on the strain grow diaries online, we should see some bright greens in due time. The Trichomes are not full and frosty yet so feels like we have a little while before this baby is ready for the next stage.

    AF36B7A7-729A-45D1-B7D1-ABD138E470E6.jpeg AD4B7B14-C2E4-4829-B3DC-3865D4C8FD05.jpeg

  • Thanks for all the feedback and pointers. Super excited to see what’s next.

  • The trichomes look great! You are going to begin to see some fall color changes on the pistols and leaves. This is one of the most fun parts to observe. Def could have let it grow more in veg stage but it is filling out nice!

  • Re humidity, your humidifier will pretty much never run right now as the plant will keep the humidity high without it. So you can empty it to be sure, or take it out. Bloom will run exhaust fans and the dehumidifier to keep humidity right around 60. If you want lower and you live in a low humidity area, you could try cracking the door? The main battle is trying to take out the humidity the plant is pumping in (that half gallon a day it drinks all goes into the air in Bloom).

  • I think we were worried about the sativa dominance of that strain and its probability to stretch right out of bloom that we didn’t leave it in veg long enough to maximize the harvest (you’ll still get a lot!). If we rewrite a recipe for train wreck I think we can add two weeks to veg. You also did an awesome job pruning, which kept it down there. Looking good!

  • Day 69

    Stage change day with about a month left in the flowering. Buds are bulking up and starting to show coloration. The plant didn’t achieve the height I was expecting so the yield will not break any recorded like others on the forum. However still excited about the progress in my first grow.

    Curious if there are way to adjust the humidity settings on zoom. I have read in other Trainwreck diaries, adjusting the humidity down in later stages pleases the plant in the later stages. It’s not in the recipe so hoping for some pointers in how to experiment with out removing the humidity reservoir.

    704CFD18-1AC8-4A10-9AFD-470CC605C3A9.jpeg 1454AD1C-3C35-4DF7-8993-80BFDDC2FA38.jpeg A268864E-25EC-41AB-B17E-1BB5CD98D297.jpeg

  • Been a couple weeks since the last post. Growth (at least vertically) has stopped but the branches continue to thicken with leaves and colas. Bought a wireless microscope to examine the colas. They are still yellow and slightly translucent so it doesn’t appear to ready for a stage change.

    Let me know if my interpretation is off. Definitely a learning process for me.

    8A894BCD-E207-4F70-BA47-2684C9C9F83E.jpeg 7CD24693-78AE-431D-ABA2-ED5EBFCD22E1.jpeg

    4ABA35C5-6989-4E20-BC09-9A06473B196B.jpeg 73852118-09A5-4808-8355-A40B356F411B.jpeg

  • Hey that is starting to fill in nicely. The really busy plants you see on here are indicas. Yours is sativa dominant I think so it is going to look scragglier. Don’t worry though it should really start to bulk up those flowers.

  • My trainwreck continues to fill out with multiple tiers in the main branches. The back right branch seems to have paused with little growth since the last post. Could the trellis restricting the growth?

    Fun to watch but not a whole lot to report. Just thought I would maintain an update.

    4D04442F-6D95-4DD4-8CB0-3C93ED952DF0.jpeg 8CA8C901-9A42-4DC1-AFDB-6695452E1C04.jpeg 804F018D-E8C6-4D23-9C27-91144B686000.jpeg

  • Personally, I wouldn't trim any of those flowers yet, you are still just getting into flowering cycle. Let them grow and plump up over the next month or two.

    I'd say everything is looking good!

  • Been dealing with a PPM sensor and dosage issue but manually getting things under control. My plant is developing at a steady pace but not as quick as some of the others on the forum. Regardless sharing a few pics and looking for additional pruning advice.

    Main question is around the red circles on the below. Should I remove the lower flowers starting to form on the center stalks? How about the side stocks? Seems like the right move to top the four center stalks instead of removing the lower layers to shorten the plant and allow the sides to catch up. Thoughts?



  • Nice!! Look at all those branches! It should fill back in quickly from here, you've done a really nice job @pdxbloom.

  • Lost all my data as we needed to reset the bloom so I don’t know what day it is (much like covid life) but we are in the bloom stage.

    Continued to aggressively prune the under layers of growth and train the main branches to reach toward the sides of the grow chamber. Starting to show development around the tips as well.

    A400C8EC-CA02-4F1B-91FE-9B823D0A9D71.jpeg 001ED13B-1BF1-44D5-920F-286407B3D7F0.jpeg