Cannabis Pruning - learned a lesson

  • Hello! So I'm learning a lot about pruning, and the fact I was woeful at it with my first grow -- but now I know. The problem now is the plant has reached the top of the cabinet (to where it's now butting up against the top light), and it looks to be getting burnt where it touches. I've got some buds growing though at the top -- do I prune these or just let it continue to grow? Here are2.24.21.jpg 2.24.21 (2).jpg a couple pictures at 64 days. I may have screwed it up by not pruning I fear!

  • @dj we are all learning lots about pruning and training and how early to throw it into flower. Two options: 1) drop a net on the top and daily use the suction cups to pull it down about an inch a day. 2) cut off the top four inches. It will be painful but harvester did this and still got a good yield. Keep us posted,

  • @HenHennesy you can gently pull the main cola almost straight sideways and it will be ok. I pulled one to the side then to the back and it was fine.

  • @DJ, I just tried tying my largest cola down to the side because it is outgrowing the rest. Maybe this technique will work for you? I just moved mine over a little but I think I might have been able to bend it more if needed. It's gonna be really hard though if the stem is super thick and strong...


  • Wow, she has really pretty colors @DJ!! Loving the pinks and reds.

    So to start I think you can prune a lot of the bigger "sun leaves" because they are blocking light to the lower buds. The more light the buds get the larger they will grow. Basically, just find the largest and darkest green leaves that have a thick stem and are not part of where the bud growth is happening and take them off.

    As far as the buds at the top of the cabinet I don't have any great ideas. Perhaps you can try using some twine or string around some of the stems and very gently see if they will bend at all. You can tie the string to a suction cup and try to just bend the stems away from the light a bit? Sorry, that's all I can think of...

  • I think @Harvester had a similar dilemma, but still ended up with some hefty buds. @Harvester, do you have any advice for @DJ? Or @HenHennesy @I_like_plants ?