Late BLOOMer.

  • Hello Everyone! So excited to be here.
    I had the pleasure of working with this team on some of the design and development of this product and it is so fun to see it come to life!
    I live in a pretty remote town but despite my difficult location the AG team was able to get a BLOOM delivered to my door, awesome.
    We hauled it up to our third floor apartment, it took three people and a stair climbing dolly. We had to flip it upside down to make one corner and thankfully nothing seems to be broken or damaged from the inversion. stairs.jpg location.jpg
    We are trying it out in the living room of our 1200sqft apartment.

  • Hi @shippie! Thanks for being our guinea pig as the first user outside of the In-home delivery range (only 10% of the US is not eligible for in-home delivery - typically those is remote areas). I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed to get this up the stairs.

    We look forward to watching your grow journey and all of the feedback that will come along with it!

  • Welcome! That was a challenging and impressive delivery!