New and ready to Grow!

  • Hey there all!

    I'm AJ from North Carolina. My partner and I are avid gardeners, and love turning home grown produce into delicious projects. We're excited to experiment with the Bloom and intend to start with some tomatoes.

    I haven't been able to open the forum recipes link, so I am not sure which recipe to use. I got a dwarf variety of tomato. It is determinate and should take 60 days to harvest.

    Can't wait to get it growing!

  • Hi @twotoedtheory. How is your grow going? Post in the "Show What you Grow" category when you can. Thanks!

  • Hi @twotoedtheory and welcome! Our recipes page is still slightly under construction, but we're almost there! You should be able to download recipes to your App, which will then show up under "My Recipes" on your control panel.

    We are hoping to build a large library of user-generated recipes, so be sure to share yours if you modify the tomato recipe that @Gr0w3r suggested. You can tap "Upload" on the control panel to do so. Thanks and happy growing!

  • Open sample recipes and I think the beefsteak should still be a good recipe for you.