BLOOM Components and System Overview: Nutrient Dosing System

  • The BLOOM features a Flood and Drain System to feed your plants the correct amount of nutrient-rich water in the correct ratios specified in your recipe. The Nutrient Dosing System works due to several components within the BLOOM.

    Here’s an overview of what you see upon opening the door, and then we’ll take a deeper look at this system:


    Inside of the Nutrient Reservoir, you’ll find a Mixing Pump and an Irrigation pump.


    The Mixing Pump is constantly circulating your water and nutrients so that your nutrient solutions are evenly distributed in the Nutrient Reservoir. The Irrigation Pump will periodically pump water up to flood your Grow Deck and then drain it back down into the Nutrient Reservoir. You can adjust your Irrigation Cycle from the Advanced Settings in the Main Menu, but the default setting will flood and drain your grow deck for 10 minutes every hour.

    Important TIP: To check when your next irrigation cycle is set to begin, you can tap the “water level” on the homescreen or on your BLOOM Grows App. Always leave the grow deck in place during the irrigation cycle to avoid a mess!

    You can watch your Grow Deck flood and drain by lifting the Root View Door:


    TIP: As your plants get larger, your roots may begin to make their way into this area. Lift the divider and gently push them back into the Grow Tray.

    Also in the Nutrient Reservoir, you have the pH and PPM Sensor Chamber. This is where your pH and PPM Sensor Probes sit and constantly measure the pH and nutrient content of your water (shown as PPM or Parts Per Million).



    If your pH or PPM is too low or too high, the Peristaltic Dosing Pumps will be activated to dose the appropriate amount of each solution needed to restore your target ranges.


    Then of course the Mixing Pump will be circulating the newly dosed solutions through Mixing Pump Inlet and Outlet and back into the Nutrient Reservoir for even distribution!


    Fluids are constantly pumping through each of the blue inlets and outlets, so it is important to triple check that the orange Quick Connects are always clicked and secured into place. If they aren't you'll end up with water leaks and a mess.

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