Heirloom Tomato Grow -- In Progress!

  • On August 28 I dropped this tiny ten day old seedling (started in an AeroGarden) into Bloom. It is a Black Krim variety, a very tasty heirloom I trialed in the outdoor garden for the first time this year. I was hoping that the compact (but still indeterminate) growth habit I saw outdoors would make it ideal for a cabinet grow. I was right! 10 weeks later I have a huge, healthy plant, hundreds of flowers, more than 30 tomatoes, some already ripe, and I expect about a tomato a day from here on out. I'll report on flavor and texture here.20190.jpg

  • Those look outstanding!

  • Fried green tomatoes this weekend!

  • @pg13 I will probably juice a lot of these, but I've been having them for breakfast (with avacado and toast), one sliced for an afternoon snack, and then in salad at dinner.

  • Wow that's an amazing harvest! What have you been making with the tomatoes?

  • ![0_1607103389588_IMG-7472.jpg](Uploading 100%) Sad day. To develop some other new recipes, I had to help this wonderful plant into the great compost bin in the sky. In less than 100 days from planting it had been producing about 2-3 ripe, homegrown tomatoes a day, and still had more than 70 tomatoes on it with hundreds of flowers. Check out the "bin full of tomatoes" below. Next!


  • Bloom Breakfast! Ripe, Bloom grown heirloom tomato with Beyond breakfast sausage on an English Muffin. Looks like i get one of these every day for about the rest of my life :).


  • Looks great! I can't wait to see my plant take off.

  • @pg13 -- hey check out this video about 80 days from planting. this is what is ahead for you. A tonna tomato!


  • Very Impressive! I can't wait to start growing in mine!

  • November 9th. Up to date! Whole Bloom photo. Still learning how to prune, but the biggest answers are "lots" and "early". The plant (just one) fills the whole Bloom -- don't imagine you want to grow two or six or more. IMG-7132.jpg

  • About 3 weeks later, November 2. 66 days from planting. Ready for a monster prune. Note all the tomatoes near the bottom.


  • October 9, about 40 days from transplant, post an aggressive pruning, and with installation of trellis. Lots of flowers but you can see the start of some leaf curling. To counteract this I dimmed the lights 10%, from 100% to 90% -- and the curling was gone within 36 hours. Added bonus, nutrient and water uptake started to balance out perfectly.


  • VIDEO of just before the first major pruning. Flower-palooza. September 29, just 31 days from transplant, about 40 days from planting. Click IMG link to view.


  • One month in, lots of flower clusters, dense, heavy growth.

    IMG-6324.jpg IMG-6325.jpg

  • Sept 20. It's a monster! That's 3 weeks and a day from transplant, and yup, those are FLOWERS!

    IMG-6224.jpg IMG-6223.jpg

  • September 15, one week after last photo and 17 days since planting.


  • September 6, 7 and 8 side by side to demonstrate rate of growth.


    IMG-5979 (1).jpg


  • September 7, ten days after planting. It feels like it is doubling in size every day.

    IMG-5979.jpg IMG-5977.jpg

  • September 4, 8 days after transplant. Great, compact leaf development, tight internodal spacing showing the plant is getting plenty of light.