Heater problems...

  • Hello! It doesn't look like my heater is functioning correctly -- any ideas? The range is set to be 63-67 with 65 as the target, but it's been at 60 and "Heating" all morning. I did put my hand against the heater but didn't feel any warmth coming for it.

  • Hi, @DJ. We had a chance to look at your system data and see that you are in the "Drying" stage.

    First, a couple questions:

    Is your plant cut and hanging and are your lights off?

    We can see that your heater is working (we've observed an increase in temperature to 61 at certain points), but we believe that the heater is essentially battling the radiator which works constantly to help maintain target humidity levels. The heater will only kick on for 2 minutes at a time to avoid overheating and frying the plants.

    We appreciate the data and are looking into how we can make both systems work in conjunction with each other more consistently. For now, having a temperature of 60 vs. 65 is totally OK and it is more important to have the system work to control the humidity levels than to constantly heat during this stage.

    Please let us know if you notice anything else and reach out if you need additional help.