Pruning in the BLOOM is very crucial for success!

  • Hey Everyone!

    We just want to stress the importance of pruning as much as you can when growing inside of the BLOOM. There are several reasons why it is so important:

    1. Space is limited in the BLOOM - this is the most obvious reason, but you want to prune to avoid having your plants grow into the lights. The top lights are 250 watts and the side lights are each 25 watts. This generates a lot of heat and the lights can burn your plants if they get too close.

    2. All plants transpire in order to move water throughout their stalks to the branches and leaves. This means that as the plant is larger, you won't need to fill the humidifier as much because the plant is busy converting the water it takes up to a gas. If you start to see a "steam room" effect inside the BLOOM, you should consider how large your plant is and prune wherever possible.

    3. Pruning encourages new growth in the plants and because the BLOOM provides the perfect environment, you WILL see faster and more frequent growth. It may feel "wrong" to prune early on, but you will quickly notice that the plants will bounce back and be stronger than ever!

    Post to the forum if you have any questions about when/where/why to prune your specific plant. Yes, there is a lot of information out there to help you, but be aware that a lot of the tips on the internet are geared towards outside growing vs. the controlled environment of the BLOOM. Our BLOOM experts and community members are always happy to help!