Increasing Nutrient levels

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    Good morning everyone,

    Just a follow-up question for my previous post, it seems that after sending the plant into the veg stage that my bloom is unable to hit its expected nutrient level, any tips or tricks as to how to fix this?

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  • Check out the post titled “flapjacks” to see a really aggressive but high yielding pruning strategy.

  • @rainville it is almost never to early to trim up that undergrowth, or it turns rapidly into “overgrowth!” Your plants are looking really healthy and it looks like you are getting lots of branching there.

  • @Rainville Very glad to hear that we were able to resolve the issue quickly and we appreciate the feedback on the whole process. Things should continue to run smoothly from here and you should be getting new nutrient bottles within the next few days. Please let us know if you need anything else!

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    Here's what the baby looks like now as of day 21.

    Should I begin pruning lower leaves now that it's entered the veg stage?

  • Today I received a new power board in the mail and immediately installed it. Although I received some very clear instructions on how to properly install the board the following lines will be about my experience carrying said instructions.

    As described, I began by removing the power board cover and carefully pulling out each wire, 1-15. Wires 8 and 9 proved to be fairly tricky to remove so a word of caution to anyone who may have this problem. After that, I simply unscrewed the powerboard, replaced it with the new one, and re-attached each wire this time starting from wire 15.

    The dashboard then proceeded to give me notifications relating to the problems that were now fixed.

    The nutrients level had now read 2400. In order to lower this, I emptied about a quarter of the reservoir and filled it up with fresh water then checked the ppm. I continued doing this until the ppm was slightly below the recommended range and then allowed the bloom to put it back in range.

    Once that was done I was given another alert regarding the ph sensor. The dashboard was only reporting an error so I went back into the power board cover, unplugged and replugged wire 14 then turned the bloom off and on again. This seemed to have fixed the ph sensor which then read 8.2. The bloom quickly began adding ph down until it was back within its normal range.

    Everything is once again functioning as it should and my plant seems to be responding already. Thanks for all the help!

  • That’s good to hear. I went through something similar so hang in there. My plant was resilient through the whole process so don’t worry too much about the health of the plant for now.

  • @pdxbloom apparently the problem was with the ppm sensor.

    I believe the sensor was constantly reading the nutrient level it was at when I had made the stage change (623) and in an attempt to raise the level to 800 it kept pumping the nutrients into the reservoir. This lead the reservoir to change to a deep purple color.

    Luckily, I caught this the day of the stage change and my plant hasn't seemed to suffer from overfeeding.

    In order to solve the issue, I was told to remove the pumps from the three nutrient bottles. Then I emptied most of the reservoir, leaving about an inch or two left, and filled it back up with water, which seemed to dilute the deep purple color that I had seen earlier. I will now be receiving a new sensor system to install along with nutrients to get my plant back on track (I'm not sure who to @ but the help has been greatly appreciated).

    I hope this can help solve any future problems

  • Has the nutrient level reading flat lined despite maintaining the “increasing” indicator?

    Test the dosage pumps through the system check feature on the Bloom. If those are working it may be just a hiccup in the software. Sometimes turning the unit off and on helps.

    I am by no means an expert but had similar issues come up with mine.