Optimal Recipe Length

  • Looking for advice on the optimal recipe length for a Sativa Cannabis (from seed).

    I replicated the recipe for another user's cannabis plant (Flapjacks) but given that my seeds are Sativa (vs Indica) and recommend "50 Day Flowering" on the back of the package, concerned that the 99 days that the recipe (including Germination, Seedling, Flush & Dry) might still be too long.

    Any advice on how to best set this up in terms of duration? Or is trial and error the best bet?

  • @lotzofzotz 50 day flowering refers to the number of days once you flip into bloom or flower mode. If you add 7 days germination and 28 days or so in veg you will start pushing toward that 99 days. But mostly, your plant will tell you when it is time to be finished.

  • Thank you! This was helpful and gave me a bit more confidence to "launch" this on Saturday! :) Will def post photos!

  • Hi @lotzofzotz I'd say right now a lot of this is going to be trial and error. The FlapJacks recipe looks like a good place to start to me. You can advance stages at anytime if you click the stage timeline on the homescreen. If anything, you may want to cut Veg 2 a little short and skip ahead to early bloom, but you can always re access when the time comes based on the growth of your plant.

    Post lots of pics so we can help. Excited to see how this turns out. What's the name of the strain?