Trimming and mold

  • Hello!

    I am starting my second grow, and one of things I am trying to do a better job of is pruning. Here are the pictures as it stand now -- I did try to trim a lot of the fan leaves but I'm thinking I need to be more aggressive? Any thoughts there would be helpful. Also -- I noticed mold at the bottom of the trunk (right atop the basket it's growing out of. Am I doing something wrong here -- or maybe I should do something different? Thanks in advance...pic1.jpg pic2.jpg

  • @spicypeppers123 Thank you!

  • Looking very healthy, nice job! I would definitely prune more, see @I_like_plants's FlapJacks grow journey, they do a very aggressive prune pretty often and it continues to bounce back even stronger.

    As for the mold, I don't think you have to worry about. It is most likely beneficial fungi. If you're still worried about it you can post a pic. I've always seen this on my grow pods and it never seems to effect the plant.