Ackbar OG -- Mostly Daily Grow Walkthrough with Lots of Photos and Video

  • I planted these three feminized seeds in one pod on Nov 1 using a recipe I built that is tailored for the growth cycle of Ackbar. We'll see how well it holds up. I'll adjust the recipe and update it based on how this grow goes, then upload for general consumption.


  • I had the opportunity to try this final product I believe it was he ACKbar and wow! the bud was super huge and dense, smelled and tasted fantastic. super smooth smoke, made me hungry and sleepy. I dont smoke much anymore but this was a perfect evening hit for me!

  • @HenHennesy Check out the blueberry post. It is coming along well!

  • @gr0w3r Nice! Congrats on the harvest :)

    I can't wait to see your second round grow in the Bloom now that you've learned so much from the first round!

  • Harvested 3 weeks ago now. 6.5 ounces at 60 percent moisture! Not bad for a first grow and I learned a lot - I don’t think I’ll have a future grow under 8 ounces and want to push to a pound per grow. In dry Colorado, It took 6 days to cure to exactly the right level in Bloom when hanging the whole plant. It would take less if you cut it back and only hung the branches. Pics shows weight on a tared scale and the 2 plus half gallon jars of finished flower. Fiskars shears and spoon for size reference.


    5B58ECB1-2E06-4A5D-A53E-2370A0FD767A.jpeg .

  • Sea of buds, getting closer to harvest. They are really starting to fill out and feeling pretty dense and sticky.


  • Woowzer! I don't know if there is much to do now, so far along in the flower cycle unless you want to sacrifice some top colas to allow the lower growth to get more attention. maybe next time begin the flower cycle at half the size of this round and under cut HARD remove everything except the top three nodes. This has been a technique used my previous experience that feels very wrong when executing but it works! you should end up with few bud sites and nice big colas. It also will reduce your harvest time!

    Check out this time-lapse from the company called three a light. This means they are yielding 3LBS A LIGHT which is very impressive for indoor growing.

    If you notice how they strip off all of the foliage and love branches at the beginning of the time lapse. Then they stretch and begin to produce new leaves like crazy! They then do ANOTHER heavy de leave and pruning of weak branches.

  • OK, been a little busy through the holidays but here are pics at day 66. Well into flowering now and THIS THING JUST WONT STOP GROWING. This isn't stretch, the internodal spacing is still tight, but it is just too happy. We are going to have to rethink how to grow in here. I threw this into flowering at 13 inches tall. Usually in stretch you can expect to about double plant size. We've well more than tripled it. At this point, every few days I'm lowering my top trellis to squish the plant down a few more inches and keep it out of the light. It is flowering well there, although I am probably squishing some buds pretty good!

    Because you have to prune so aggressively in BLOOM I will probably get a great yield, but with a lot of smaller buds. Next grow I'm going to hack it back even more to fit it inside.

    image_67224321 (1).JPG


    Any advice? I've turned the light intensity down to 90% to combat the curl on top, but it looks like it could take another 5% at least.

  • @DJ I did start another grow testing the early forced flowering. I will start a new thread on it and report as I can.

  • @Gr0w3r -- Thank you! Actually all my seeds are currently outside the BLOOM unit -- I was germinating them first (which probably wasn't necessary as it turns out). I went with seeds as I had no resource (that I am aware of at least) for a cutting (I am in CO, so I would imagine they're out there). I like the idea of maybe planting all three (one in the pod, two in their own pots) and seeing what they are as they grow. I'm happy to follow your 'fast path' method if you'd like another tester :-)

  • @DJ so if i understand, you have one seed planted in the big pod in bloom, and three planted outside of Bloom? If you have the "3" outside bloom planted in soil or other media in small pots, you can place those inside the bloom on the grow deck. This will give them optimal temperatures, light and humidity levels, and as you grow them out to sex them. I'm experimenting with a "fast path" there now that I will report on as I go. You can join me on that adventure, or I'm glad to offer feedback on how we might proceed with yours. If you live in Colorado or another legal state, starting with clones is a faster and more reliable path for the future.

  • @Gr0w3r thanks for the response! Right now I have 3 seeds greminating outside the unit -- I'm unfamiliar with the 6-pod grow deck but any thoughts you have on how best to go about it would be most welcome. Thank you!

  • Glad to help! There are a lot of experienced growers on here so we should be good on advice. Did you plant your seeds in a six pod grow deck? And, if you just planted them in a single pod, I'll have some quick advice for you!

  • Hello there -- my name is DJ, I just received my cabinet today and plan to start the grow soon...right now I'm germinating the seeds. I am a complete novice to this so if you don't mind I may ping you here and there as you look to be well on your way...I can already see I have a bit of challenge just with the seeds themselves -- I bought 6 from a dispensary and they're not feminized, so I guess I'll be learning how to differentiate between male/female as well.


  • Day 48. The stretch is on! Still amazingly dense.

  • Day 44! It's growing out! It has really moved through and above the trellis. You can see the different colas are well positioned through the canopy. Looking good. Moved to flowering light cycle a week ago, but no definitive signs of a budding transition yet. IMG-7595.jpg IMG-7596.jpg

  • Day 40. Another mega prune. You can see in these photos that I trimmed back all the cola's that weren't as mature, and just really cleaned up the under- canopy. The only things left on the plant are the 16 colas that I've decided are at about the same height, and that i will grow to maturity. From here on out, there is no major pruning, just some "cleaning up" to do of any new baby colas that form or leaves that are growing under canopy. I also did a final training, and matched each remaining cola to it's own space in the trellis.

    Before Pruning:


    After Pruning:


    Left on the cutting room floor:


  • Day 36. Pruned, trellised and moved to early bloom. Light cut back to 12 hours a day, it should stretch up from here. Pruning focused on removing big fan leaves to open up light and air to the colas. Trellising focused on slowing upward growth of the tallest colas by training them sideways under the trellis until all the colas catch up. I might use another trellis in another six inches to finish the job (the trellis won't be needed for support, just training). Check out before and after images.
    IMG-7496.jpg IMG-7497.jpg IMG-7498.jpg IMG-7494.jpg IMG-7495.jpg

  • Beautiful growth!

  • Day 34, seriously only 3 days later... I'm at a "must prune" state, and also time to throw this into flowering stage. I'll post pictures tomorrow post prune, and maybe after starting to trellis.

    IMG-7470.jpg IMG-7469.jpg IMG-7468.jpg