Grow Recipes Explained

  • Are you interested in creating your own Grow Recipe? Here are some of the basics to explain what each of the Grow Recipe variables mean. You can find more tips by tapping each variable on the BLOOM Control Panel or BloomGrows App.

    Stage #, Stage Name & Time/Days:
    This will vary depending on the plant you’re growing, but a BLOOM Recipe is divided into various stages such as Germination, Seedling, Vegetative, Early Bloom, Bloom
    1, Bloom 2, Flowering, Fruiting, etc. You can even set a drying and curing stage if needed. Choose the duration of each stage by selecting the number of days and the BLOOM will alert you when it is time to move on to the next stage.

    PPM (Parts per Million):
    PPM is measured every few seconds by BLOOM AI and ensures that your plant is receiving the proper nutrients in the proper ratios. Your Peristaltic Dosing Pumps will automatically dose as needed to maintain your target PPM.

    Ratio A:
    This is your FloraGro nutrient solution. It contains more Nitrogen, which is crucial to build strong roots during the vegetative state.

    Ratio B:
    This is your FloraMicro nutrient solution. A higher ratio of this may be used during a plant’s growth and bloom cycles. FloraMicro also contains high levels of Calcium needed for tasty tomatoes.

    Ratio C:
    This is your FloraBloom nutrient solution. It contains a higher ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium as well as Calcium, which will all be needed during flowering and fruiting.

    Each plant type has an optimal pH level that will allow it to take in the optimal level of nutrients. Most plants like a pH of between 5.5 and 6.8, but it is best to research the ideal pH level of your specifi c plant when setting this variable for your Grow Recipe.

    Lights On:
    This variable sets the target hours of “sunlight” for a plant in a 24 hour day. Many plants have different lighting needs at different times in their “season.” Longer and shorter light cycles can force certain behaviors (delaying or inducing flowering, for example) in many specific plants. Lights can be dimmed from “Advanced Settings”.

    Day Temp:
    Setting the correct target daytime temperature ensures that your plant can metabolize at the ideal rate. The BLOOM has a cooling and heating system to maintain your target temperature and a day/night temperature differential of 7 degrees Fahrenheit to mimic a cooler nighttime temperature. Day/Night variance can be customized from “Advanced Settings”.

    BLOOM will maintain humidity levels at 60% throughout your grow. You have the option to leave the Humidifier Reservoir empty and to pause the humidifier for one week at a

    Go ahead and take a stab at creating your own recipe or reach out if you would like some help!