3rd Grow in my Bloom - Hibiscus Sunrise

  • The next strain being planted in the BLOOM is call Hibiscus Sunrise. This is a feminized seed. The genetics are Hawaiian Sunrise crossed with Gupta Kush making it an Indica leaning hybrid.

    The seed was planted 7 days ago and has already germinated showing its first set of leaves. Impressive!

  • @i_like_plants how did it go?

  • @i_like_plants that is crazy. We need a bigger database so we can learn the varieties that shoot like that one, vs the compact like the one pdxbloom Is growing. The research is sure fun though!

  • @i_like_plants

    And we are officially over grown...

    I did my best to train this plant down which it would be way past the lights if they weren't there. The technique works but the lower auxiliary branches are beginning to out grow the space. Luckily She is stacked and shooting out pistols so this phase of growth should be done. Now for bud formation. I hope it goes well with such a crowded cabinet.



  • @i_like_plants

    This strain took off even more when it switched stages in to bloom.

    It stretched about 10" in a weeks time. I didn't want to cut of the tops to I put in another trellis to bend the branches down giving the plant some more room before hitting the top lights. The branches find the light in a few days and regrow vertically.

    Growing Sativa dominate strains in the bloom is much different then Indica dominate. I should have begun the bloom stages earlier.

    Here are some pics of what I described above.





  • Here are a few pics of the insane growth that has been going on inside my bloom.


    Next I put her into early bloom stage to try and get some nice branch stretching before the buds begin to form


    I then removed the largest fan leaves allowing for better light pentation to lower branches. I'm going to see how the plant bounces back from this shock and most likely remove some of the weak, spindly branches down low.

    Some of the leaves were massive, blocking lots of light.


  • Here are a few pictures from the topping I did two days ago. She's growing very quick and strong!

    Here is the top I took

    109522bd-f89a-44c3-aa3b-5b3dfe9f2bc2-image.png ad344a43-0512-4bc9-9df9-49c997f75804-image.png

    This is what it looked like right after topping

    0375f2f0-27ae-4d3c-8a46-a09195c9b8d1-image.png e707c396-99a0-4a3a-9fcb-02f28e6440b5-image

    Two days later and these two branches are taking off!

    379cc695-f079-44e8-9dd0-f2f98b111364-image.png 9d367d85-5ac1-43cb-ac14-c27aea81b8b6-image.png

  • bacd67fd-96ef-426a-838c-a86f1a241438-image.png