Hibiscus Sunrise Grow #2

  • Hey everyone,

    I recently began a second grow in my BLOOM of Hibiscus Sunrise after an unfortunate accident had occurred with the Clementine Kush during early flower.

    After 9 days the seed has been successfully germinated and is off to a strong start. Excited to take this grow on having learned a lot from my first!

  • IMG_2785.JPG

  • IMG_2779.JPG
    Day 16 (Day 9 of Seedling Stage)
    Updating on the sunrise. Going to switch to veg and top soon. Everything with the system has been running very smoothly. It seems that every 4-5 days the nutrients go slightly above range in which case I simply add a pitcher of water to bring it back down.
    I was also wondering if anyone knew why this was happening to the lower leaves of the plant? The newest leaves seem healthy but the first two nodes have become dry and started browning like this.

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