Plant health

  • Hello Bloom community

    My plant is about 112 days into the grow and showing signs of stress. It’s a Indica hybrid called LCD and attaching the recipe details and a few pics. Appears to be nutrient burn which came from a sensor error so I have disconnected the mixing tubes and manually monitoring the PPM with a handheld to stay within the target range. Also post water change the Bloom ventilation and cooling locked up and the internal temperature reached 90+ degrees for a half day before I noticed the condensation on the door. After powering off and back on, the Bloom functions were restored and all is back to normal.

    Do you think the visible stress is the remnants of the heat exposure and/or the nutrient escalation? Overall PPM reached 2200 for about 3 days. Also any advice to restore the health or will it cycle through?

    07D47E3A-BC26-4D0C-A8B5-ED7B9F368304.jpeg 8A7D6045-457F-4A28-9874-70A3C48228B3.jpeg 9DFAD9F2-EB5D-4C1A-AAD3-487AD181088D.jpeg

  • @pdxbloom Looking nice and milky, I would wait another few days before flushing as well.

  • Thank you @Gr0w3r

    Stigmas are all a shade of orange now but the trichomes are still partially clear with the over half opaque. Nothing in the amber shade yet. Figure I give it another week or so before flush and dry.


    082E1AFE-B3BE-49D3-842C-9B6A8B1FCA8A.jpeg 744BA4B3-88CF-4D29-8710-CA786368D592.jpeg 6A327588-3F40-438E-9AF1-EE3D00EAE092.jpeg E360A141-118A-4474-9590-4E3CD2153545.jpeg

  • That plant is really close to being ready to flush and dry. Those buds are huge. Well done!

  • @pdxbloom first, that plant looks awesome. Second what I’m seeing there is heat stress. Finally, as you approach the end of a grow, the plant puts full energy into reproduction so all available energy goes to flowers. It is 100% normal to see some leaf browning. I just trim off any brown leaves to keep it looking good.