Forum Rules & Guidelines

  • Our goal is to create the world’s best growing system, and with community feedback, make it better every day. At the BLOOM Forum we want to provide a resource center for all community members to interact, share, provide feedback, and help each other get the most out of their BLOOM gardens. In order to facilitate a positive experience, we ask that you please abide by the following rules and guidelines.

    Forum Rules:

    1. No spam, advertising, or self-promotion articles should be posted in the forum. Spam is defined as unsolicited materials or advertisements for other goods, services, and/or other websites. Please do not spam the forum users with unrelated content or links to self-promote your own website, business, or product.

    2. Please do not ask for email addresses, phone numbers or street addresses.

    3. Please do not post offensive posts, links, or images and please refrain from using crude or offensive language throughout the forum. This includes language used in your recipes. We will ask you to modify your recipe titles and descriptions if they are not appropriate for our community.

    4. Please remain respectful of all forum users. We are actively seeking constructive feedback and help. You’ll likely know when you’ve crossed that line. Let’s keep this a positive and friendly environment for everyone to share their opinions and knowledge in a judgement-free forum. Reaching out to users privately should be on a “as requested” basis only.

    5. Do not post any copyrighted material or request any information on how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials.

    *Please note that to keep the BLOOM Forum a positive and productive site that is helpful for our community, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your account and to delete posts as needed. We will reach out to you with warnings as needed.

    Forum Guidelines:

    1. Be wise. Do not share your personal information, i.e. Email Address or Phone number.

    2. Be descriptive with your Topic Names. For example, please don’t simply name a topic “HELP” or “I have a question.” A more appropriate topic title would be “Question about Initial Veg Stage for Golden Jubilee Tomato”. This will help other members identify how they can help you and will make categorizing additional questions relating to the same topic much easier.

    3. Pictures are always helpful and encouraged in both posts and responses. Questions and concerns about plant health and growth can be better answered when detailed photos are provided. Also, feel free to post photos about how great your plant is doing, it’s okay to brag! This can provide encouragement for other members to continue on your same path.

    4. Show gratitude towards others when they are helping you and check your judgement at the door. Please refrain from writing negative comments towards a community member who offers advice that you don’t want to take. It is okay to disagree, but please be respectful when doing so.

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