Temperature settings for Dry stage

  • Hello Bloom community

    Encountered a challenge on my second cannabis grow that I hope the community can help answer.

    I am in the dry stage of my grow and despite recipe target setting of 0 light hours, both top and side lights keep triggering to the previous stage settings (flush stage -8 hrs). Tried several times to reset the machine and also reset the grow recipe but had no luck. Finally just set up a new recipe for just the dry stage and fixed the light issue. Curious if anyone else encountered a similar problem.

    While the lights situation is resolved, now I have a temperature problem. My recipe setting is for 70 however the bloom monitor displays 65 as the target. In addition the bloom seems to stabilize at 60/61 despite being below the target zone. It appears purposeful as the cooling and heating triggers to maintain 60/61. I placed two different independent sensors in the unit and both read accurately to the bloom display. Any suggestions on how to raise the temperature in the unit?

    FE49DA48-878F-46F3-B8CA-4610255E9917.jpeg 3995E370-3B5C-4648-BB31-C5A9A9478F74.jpeg

  • Raised the recipe temperature target to 75 and now the Bloom screen target shows 68. 7 degree differential vs. previous 5 degree (70 to 65).

    As far as the stage advancement, I believe it was on schedule the initial time. I did cancel the grow and reset the grow while fast forwarding to the dry stage to see if that would solve the lighting problem the second time.

  • @pdxbloom One more question regarding the incorrect lights schedule:

    Did you advance to the drying stage before the previous stage was over? This will help identify if the Light Schedule is pulling from the days planted vs. the active stage & recipe (which it shouldn't, but we can fix).


  • @pdxbloom Thank you for making the change! Yes, the BLOOM has a day/night differential set at a default of -7 degrees. You can adjust the Day/Night variance in the Advanced Settings page in Main Menu.

    However, this does not explain why the BLOOM is still showing a target of 65 degrees. With the temperature set to 70, when the lights are off the target should be reading 63 degrees. We'll continue to look into this and get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Thanks for the quick response. I have adjusted the target temp in the recipe from 68 to 70 and the Bloom display stays at 65. The recipe column states “daytime temperature.” Since the lights are off the entire day, does that impact how the target is digested?

  • Hi @pdxbloom! Thanks for the detailed information and we're sorry that you're experiencing these two issues. We haven't seen these before.

    What happens if you change your Day Temp in the recipe to 75? Does the home screen target then change to 70?

    We'll do some testing on our end and see if we can fix this ASAP.