Germination Station

  • Ahhh, the germination stage. Can be nerve-racking and fun at the same time. Nobody likes to wait, but know that you’re putting your seeds in good hands as the BLOOM regulates the various environmental conditions needed for proper and swifter germination. The key factors that allow a seed to germinate are your water to air ratio, and temperature. BLOOM provides perfect temperature and water/air ratio (our peat pods are pretty special). The #1 other influencer is seed freshness/viability, so always make sure you are storing any unplanted seeds in a cool and dry location to maintain their viability.

    We recommend planting 3-5 seeds into your Grow Pod to start as this will increase the likelihood of germination. Know that for most varieties of plants, you will want to trim the weakest links and leave the strongest stem to continue to grow.

    Also, keep in mind that the number of days to germination will vary depending on the type of seed, so it is important to not compare apples to oranges. Here are some average times to germination for several types of plants:

    Tomato – 5-10 days
    Cucumber – 5-7 days
    Pepper – 7-21 days
    Eggplant – 7-14 days
    Strawberry – 14-28 days
    Lettuce – 2-10 days
    Basil – 7-10 days
    Cilantro – 7-10 days
    Cabbage – 5-8 days

    The moral of the story is to trust your BLOOM and do some research on the most ideal temperature for your little seedlings. You can customize temperature and light on/off time in your grow recipe and we’re more than happy to assist you in creating the perfect recipe that your plant will need to germinate and thrive. Post any recipe questions or requests for help in our “Recipe Discussion and Requests” category. Happy growing!

  • Many have been asking if it's okay that the seed is exposed inside of the grow pod. This is completely normal and you just need to set the seed(s) into the grow pod "dibble". There is no need to bury them further down, this will just end up prolonging or preventing germination.