Suyo Long Cucumbers

  • Hello again from the BLOOM Lab!

    We planted Suyo Long Self-Pollinating Cucumbers seeds in one of our BLOOM's 25 days ago and she is looking good so far! We're currently using the sample "Cucumber" recipe that is pre-loaded on the BLOOM, but may make some adjustments as we learn more throughout this grow and then upload the new Grow Recipe later on.

    Remember: Not all plants, strains, and varieties grow the same so the great thing about BLOOM Grow Recipes is that you can edit them at any time from your Control Panel!



    We're noticing a little leaf curling going on, and this might be due to too much light. We're going to turn the Light Intensity down to 85% and see if this helps. You can always turn your Light Intensity up or down in the Advanced Settings page through the Main Menu.

    We'll be putting a trellis on shortly, and plan to have several trellis's installed so that the plant can really vine like it naturally wants to.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

  • We have a few updates for the Suyo Long Cucumbers! This plant has really taken off over the past few weeks. We added a second trellis to help with the vining and provide extra support.

    Week 6:
    Cucumber 6 Weeks2.jpg

    Week 7:
    Cucumber 7 Weeks2.jpg

    Week 8:
    JPEG image 11.jpeg

    Pruning is essential no matter what you are growing, and a plant this size needs it about once a week. Here is right after a much needed chop:

    Pruned 49.jpeg

    Right now we are on Stage 7 with a target PPM of 1,250 and a pH of 6. The Cucumber 4.0 recipe has all changes and updates we have made since planting 62 days ago. You can find that already published in the Forum.

    We are starting to see a lot of baby cucumbers appear, can't wait to see how big they end up!

    JPEG image 18.jpeg

  • @bloomcs that is growing fast!

  • We increased the pH to 6.0 from 5.7 and we are definitely seeing an improvement. The plant is able to take in its' ideal amount of nutrients and is growing faster and faster each day.

    We just installed the 2nd trellis so that the plant can spread and vine throughout the Cabinet.