Brussels Sprouts!

  • We planted these Brussels Sprouts seeds about 14 days ago and they are a beauty so far!


    This is our first try at growing Brussels in the BLOOM, so we've got a lot to learn. We know that we need to keep our temperatures LOW, so after this little seedling gets a little bigger, we'll be dropping the temperature to 65 degrees and will monitor the light intensity. Right now, it is lowered to 75%.

    Follow along to see what we discover and grow!

  • Our Brussel Sprout has shot up quite a bit over the past few weeks! We are hoping to start seeing some baby Brussels very soon. Right now we are on Stage 6 which is an Aggressive Veg stage, it still has a target PPM of 1000 which seems to be plenty. The BLOOM has had no issues keeping the cabinet temperature right at 65 degrees which is perfect for this cool-weather crop.

    Yellow leaves are bound to happen (not all leaves will receive the proper amount of space or light) just make sure to prune them off so your plant can focus more energy elsewhere.

    IMG_1312.JPG IMG_1358.JPG

  • It has been a few weeks and our Brussel Sprout is really taking shape! The leaves are getting much bigger and the stalk is starting to emerge.

    IMG_1248.JPG IMG_1249.JPG

    One side did not love the door being there so we ended up chopping those leaves off, but other than that this has been a very simple grow!

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  • We have some exciting updates on our Brussel Sprout currently growing in the lab. This guy is taking off beautifully and we are obsessed with the leaves it is pushing out.

    Week 6:
    Brussel 6 Weeks2.jpg

    Week 7:
    Brussel 7 Weeks.jpg

    Week 8:
    JPEG image 33.jpeg

    We are 62 days into this growth, and currenly on the Aggressive Veg stage. Temperature remains low with a target of 65 degrees. Target PPM is 1000 and pH is 6.

    We are very excited about how well the BLOOM is growing this cool-weather crop. Comment below with your thoughts!

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  • @gr0w3r You are correct, we have the temperature set to 65 degrees!

  • @bloomcs i think Brussels sprouts like it cold. What temperature are you setting?

  • Our Brussels are growing in great so far! We thinned down to just one plant (3 seeds sprouted) so that we have plenty of room for this plant to grow inside the BLOOM.



  • How's it growing?

  • @bloomcs oooooh I'm excited to see how this one will turn out!