Seed Stage & Germination

  • Do you germinate your seeds before starting the "seed stage" which on my recipe runs for 7 days.

    I have tested no germination and just threw the seed in and nothing even sprouted.

    I have also tested germinating for 24 hours and then I put the sprouted seed into the seed stage and after 7 days nothing happened as well.

    I'm wondering if I need to germinate longer to grow more of a tap root or what is suggested here?

  • Hey i have planted a lot of seeds so far and only had one not germinate (but I'm using very fresh seeds). Some companies are recommending you germinate in the paper towel method (but I think that's just so you don't blame the device). I've never tried transplanting a seedling like that into a peat pod.

  • @theplantzaddy awesome, yea sounds like I'm pulling it too soon and need to let it do it's thing longer during seed stage! Thank you!

  • You do not need to germinate your seed prior to planting it in your bloom. If you do you can select "from plant" when beginning a grow, but it will sprout from seed inside the sponge just fine.

    It sounds like you may just need to give it some extra time. My lilac bell pepper took about 13 days I think before I saw it sprout. I just placed the seed in the sponge and selected "from seed" when planting.