Mini Sweet Peppers

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    Whenever I go to the grocery store I buy a package of the mini sweet peppers so I thought to myself instead of buying these why don't I just grow them! I took some of the seeds from the peppers from the store and started them in an AeroGarden Bounty for a couple weeks to get them going. After the plant was a good size I stuck it in my BLOOM and let it work its magic on my little plant. Another couple of weeks went by and now I have a healthy producing plant! No more buying peppers at the grocery store, there seems to be a nearly unlimited supply coming in!

  • @theplantzaddy When I moved it over to the BLOOM I went for a Bell Pepper recipe off the forum and it works great! As for starting it in an AeroGarden pod, I transferred that to a 3 inch net pot by carefully cutting away the AeroGarden basket and then cutting another hole in the bottom of the net cup so the roots could hang out the bottom more easily. I then used hydroton clay pebbles to fill in the extra space to prevent the plant from falling through. The plant quickly filled in the extra space and now is very sturdy.

  • Those look so good @growguy what recipe did you use when you transferred to the BLOOM? Did you keep it in the AeroGarden pod when transferring and just add hydroton around it?