Permission to come aboard!

  • This is a timely post, as we are amidst Spring...typically this is the time when growers start their seeds or clones and head to the great outdoors, for their once a year gardening projects. Well Spring, once a year is not for me! The fact that Spring can be year round indoors, has me in a perpetual grin. I know in advance that this is going to be a chatty, detailed laden introduction, but you will never hear from anyone as sincere. This is Jeff from Sherman Oaks, which is basically the same as Los a disclaimer, I am a part owner of this company...yes, today I bought some shares of Scott's Miracle Grow :). O.K., all joking is finished. I really did buy a few shares, and I will hopefully give "Beta users" validation for their brilliance on this unbelievable machine. From my gut and heart, I cannot wait until I am joining you men and women with Bloom. I am a gent who has seen automated grow box companies come and go more than journey began in 2016 when through the ether of cyberspace I learned of a company called Cloudponics that was creating and wanted to market their automated hydro units. I was so spellbound that I invested significant coin into their vision. I will never see a penny returned to me. At that time I also put a deposit down on The Leaf, and soon after Seedo, and also Grobo. Eventually all deposits were returned. I ended up purchasing a hydro unit from BCNL that the way, that company recently folded as well, as did Growbox USA. Going back to "Cloudponics" now, and as an investor and Beta tester, I had 2 of these machines in my home. Each machine ended up giving me a single grow, and then basically went on the fritz. Sure this was frustrating, but the takeaway was that this technology does exist. The huge problem with these well intention-ed start up companies, of course has to do with money. To go through appropriate research and development takes brilliant minds, hard work, and deep pockets when it comes to dollars. I am a late bloomer (pun intended), as only within the last 2 weeks have I come to learn of The Bloom. And in these past 2 weeks, Sir TJ, will attest that I've busted his chops more times than he or I can count. The lineage of The Bloom is like no other grow box company on the planet....Aerogarden---Scott's Miracle Grow---Hawthorne.....this is ASTOUNDING. I am learning features of The Bloom that every other company has only stated that they "hope" to include one day in their machines. Even my last hydroponic unit from BCNL came with a warning that the ambient temperature could not be above 82°. I ended up putting a hole in our laundry room venting to the outside, and installed a cheapo AC unit, to keep the room fairly cool. It was a joke, and cost me a lot of money. And when the machine died, what was I left with? The Bloom controls temp/humidity and this is a huge crucial game changer. Like a love struck fool, I spend daily time scrutinizing all of Bloom's features, and realize that all of you who are Beta testers have to be the happiest men and women on earth. My prayers are loud and clear for The Bloom to end Beta phase and fully come to market. Only because of my previous experiences I am forcing myself to wait for Beta to end. Scott's/Hawthorne/Aerogarden is my mantra. If anyone could guarantee an outcome for success, The Bloom's lineage comes up every time. I am keeping this post between myself and you growers. Spousal unit will never be reading this because I've gotten more flack than I can say when it comes to all of the grow boxes that have come and gone. As they say....Cannabis is not addictive, but growing it IS! I know it's not wise to wish time away, but clearly I cannot wait for The Bloom's next phase. In the meanwhile, I still get my kicks out of indoor growing, but presently just in soil from the company called Supercloset. Anyway, sending love to all of you who are putting The Bloom onto the map. Can't wait to be joining you, and huge thanks for your faith.

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    This is Jeff from Sherman Oaks, which is basically the same as Los Angeles....

    Hey Jeff, are you still around? In LA here as well. Hi! Wondering if your machine is still up and running?

  • @gr0w3r Thank you!

  • @omacoder Having an issue that I cannot figure out for uploading a pic. But I won't give up :)

  • Thanks for the awesome intro ChefJeff I have done a few grows in Bloom and it is impressive. It is beta but they work you through the bugs. Glad you are here!

  • @chefjeff For some reason I can't see your pic :(


  • @omacoder Your mouth to God's ears regarding being around just a bit longer....I'm hoping forever, whatever that word means anyways! Am going to try to attach a pic of my girl that I just did my final manifold cut on. If it populates, you will see that right now I am a soil guy....but in time I will add Bloom to my methodology. Have a great day and thanks for responding to my post.

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  • @chefjeff Welcome aboard!! My history doesn't go back as far as yours does, but I did grow up in the Grobo era. It was great while it lasted!! Hopefully with the backing of Scott's Miracle-Gro, this grow box will be around just a bit longer!