Black Beauty Eggplant

  • That new growth is looking better. I'm excited to see how it grows next week.

  • Day 50. I think it's enjoying the change to 50% light. The moisture on the leaf is leftover from when I changed the fan out.
    Day 50.jpg
    Day 50_2.jpg
    Day 50_3.jpg

  • As noted, this plant isn't a beacon of health at present. I think it is intumescence, but we'll need to keep a close eye on what happens after turning the lights down to know for sure.

  • Day 48. Here's a closer look at some of the leaves that may have suffered from too much light. The new growth appears to healthy but still no sign of blossoms. I am now in the "Early Fruiting" stage. I assume that's fine although there doesn't appear to be any fruiting but would appreciate confirmation.
    Day 48_Front.jpg
    Day 48_Top.jpg
    Day 48_Sick Leaf.jpg
    Day 48_Sick Leaf 2.jpg

  • @I_like_plants yes! That's pretty much the dream of Bloom. By creating recipes that finitely control all variables we can optimize growth tuned to plant type (tomatoes, eggplant, cannabis, cucumbers or Christmas Trees), by variety (beefsteak or cherry tomato) and even get into micro-tuning -- bringing forward specific genetic traits (like controlling for output vs. flavor on tomatoes, or even type of flavor (sweetness or acidity)). And, standing here, we're pioneers with that tech in our hands, looking to create the first rounds of recipes that will then be shared, grown, rated, edited, improved and grown again, in virtual partnership with the plants we're growing. It's going to be a very fun ride.

  • Biomimicry is tricky with plants, they inherently expect correct temperature, light intensity, humidity, organisms (environmental conditions) normally provided by mother nature. These are season based. There may be a lesson to learn and recipes to create based on the known expectations of plant variety.

  • I lowered the light to 85% and I'll do the water change tomorrow.

  • From an onlne source:

    As mentioned, a plant that gets too much intense light will start to show signs of damage. Spotting these early signs is important, as it will enable you to adjust the positioning of your plant to reduce lighting, and remedy the problem before your plant’s health is significantly affected.

    Signs your plant may be getting too much light;

    Brown leaf edges or tips
    Brown, dry patches on the leaves
    Leaves turn pale or yellow, particularly those most exposed to the light
    Yellowing may be noticeable in the leaf tips first
    Leaf yellowing may not affect the leaf veins initially
    Wilting, particularly of younger foliage

  • @BG1164 That (water change) may help. If you would try to turn down the lights we can see about that too. I've never tried an eggplant before, we'll dial it in!

  • @JT
    PPM target is 1275-1325 (1300) and pH is 5.5.-5.9 (5.7). Last water change was done two weeks ago as I recall. I have a stage change scheduled for tomorrow and was planning to change water again then.

  • We are starting to get some wierdness in there BG1164. The new growth is not healthy, and some of the old growth is getting spotty. What are your PPM and pH targets? How long has it been since a water change? We may want to try a few things. 1) these lights could be too bright for a broad leaf plant. In advanced settings, I'd suggest taking your light intensity down to 85%. 2) let's look at your pH and PPM targets and we'll talk about any other adjustments you might want to make.

  • Day 44. I thought I might be getting some blossoms but it looks like the new growth will be leaves. Day 44 Top.jpg
    Day 44 Front.jpg

  • I think I see flowers starting in there!

  • Day 40.
    Day 40 Front.jpg Day 40 Top.jpg

  • So pretty! And big!!! :heart_eyes:

  • beautiful!

  • Day 36. Still seeing pretty big changes in short periods of time.
    Day 36 Front View.jpg Day 36 Top View.jpg Day 36 Roots.jpg

  • Wow, I think you should be getting flowers soon. I wish I could tell you if you should top (prune) that or let it grow -- but I really don't know what will maximize your harvest. I think the plant will get plenty big no matter what you do!

  • Day 33. You can still see pretty dramatic progress in short periods of time.
    Day 33 Leaf.jpg Day 33 Root System.jpg

  • Holy cow. Those leaves tripled in size in three days.