• I recently moved, and was worried my garden would have trouble with the transition. NOPE! Booted right back up and all is good in the world. I have (too much) cannabis laying around the house from bloom grows, so wanted to try something different. I got this six pod tray, created a basil recipe I thought might work, and dropped in some genovese today. I believe that starting in about 4 weeks, Bloom should produce about a pound of basil a week (that's my goal) for, well, forever. If you live in Colorado, let me know, I'll do some drop offs. Below are pictures of the control panel (right on target) and the planted six pod deck.

    Also of interest (maybe) I have it in the garage and our night time temps are down to about 45 right now (mountains). So I switched the light cycle to lights on at night for max efficiency. I think it should work well.IMG-4695.jpg

  • How is the basil working out?

  • A week in and the basil is up and growing fast! First small harvest in about two weeks, and that will start to prune up the bushy shape that will maximize yields.