Compound Genetics in the House

  • Hello All!

    My name is Felipe, and I'm the CEO of Compound Genetics and a co-founder of Node Labs in California. My cannabis career started in Texas over 23 years ago when I started growing in a BC Northern Lights box in my closet. The heat in Texas made it tough to control the temps / humidity, and even more so, the SPIDER MITES. I also had to conceal the heat signature from Border Patrol's downward facing FLIR (there are blimps using heat signatures to discover stash houses on the Mexican border). After some close calls, I decided to move to California to grow at a larger scale in a place that had better genetics and friendlier laws. On a positive note, it got me growing under LEDs in the early 2000s before it was popular.

    I just got this bad boy setup next to our vintage coke machine. It's wild to see these fully automated boxes that can just plugin to a 15 amp outlet. It looks much nicer than I expected and rolls around nicely.

    It's going to be fun to trial different compound strains in a magical environment. We plan to open up the Compound and Node libraries to share with Magical box owners as we continue our pursuit to hunt and share the best strains on earth. Stay tuned for more announcements and R&D in the future.



  • Wow a match made in heaven! Can't wait to see what you grow Felipe.

  • Great to meet you Felipe! We're having a blast with the Magical Grow and I can't wait to dial in some of your genetics with really specific recipes. I think we'll have fun while learning a lot too.

  • Can't wait for the future that Magical x Compound have in store!