Chinese 5 Color Peppers

  • Very excited to see a little sprout on day 9! I'm growing Chinese 5 Color Peppers. I picked this variety for their heat and curb appeal. They're 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units and change colors as they ripen from purple, cream, yellow, orange, to red.

    Day9 germination.jpg

  • @Joshuavn mine started looking a little sad when I accidentally broke a main branch. She bounced back though and still produced all of those peppers. I have high hopes for yours too

  • @spicypeppers123 those look so good. I hope mine come back to life

  • @spicypeppers123 that is a fun harvest. I will be a tester for your hot sauce!

  • Said goodbye to my beloved plant last week, but harvested a ton! These peppers are super spicy, so we're turning it into a fermented hot sauce that we'll eventually make a few different flavors out of.

    I ended the grow and completed the cleaning cycle as well. Just started "Lilac Bell Peppers" from seed and am still waiting for this to germinate. Looking forward to watching these beauties grow!



  • I just found a fermented hot sauce recipe. I will try to post!

  • Those look so FIRE! Both dank and spicy kinda fire.

    I know someone who makes really good homemade hot sauces, I'll see if they have any tips for you.

  • More peppers have come in over the last fews days and I'm starting to see a lot of new flowers as well. I've been more adamant about pollinating the flowers every day and it seems to be paying off. I typically just shake the branches a few times to "pollinate".

    The peppers are also changing colors and growing larger. Apparently they get spicier as a they change colors, so I'm definitely going to make some hot sauce to be able to "control" the heat.

    Has anybody made their own hot sauce before? I'd love to get some tips on how to do it!





  • Pepe actually seems to be coming back to life over the last few days. I did a major prune and really trimmed off most of the right side where we accidentally snapped a main branch. The left side is thriving again and I'm seeing a ton of little purple and yellow peppers throughout the plant!




  • Here is my weekly target history - completed a water change on Monday and it seems the problem started after that.

    PPM has been a little on the high side, target is supposed to be 1350, pH target is 6.2. Flood cycle 10/50




  • I do not think peppers like this have that short of life spam. I wonder if it's getting enough nutrients. Or even enough water.

  • Not too sure what is going on with Pepe, could be nearing the end of his life cycle. We've harvested a ton of small peppers but he is looking a little droopy and I'm noticing some yellow leaves here and there. The main stalk on the bottom-right side was accidentally broken off a few weeks ago, so I know why that side didn't make it and tried to prune that zone, but the rest of it, I'm not sure about.

    I read that pepper plants tend to wilt or turn yellow if they're not getting enough water or nutrients. I tested both my mixing pump and irrigation pump and they seem to be working just fine.


  • These first two images were from 4days ago...

    ![alt text](8D9A37C5-5CB9-4C5A-BF0A-2035734DE25F.jpeg 9D109AD2-4243-4688-B9B0-B8E8D98A36AB.jpeg image url)

    After a little pruning and picking some peppers (maybe prematurely picked, but still tasty) ... Pepe has exploded throughout the BLOOM. Pictures from today after his water change.

    6FA8FBFA-45B1-40BA-B7D2-8F9339207B14.jpeg EC592601-FE6A-4678-93EB-2E1E8B6B7A9B.jpeg

    There are tons of flowers and the peppers just keep growing in. Every where I look, there’s a pepper!

    Here’s a pic of some of our harvest from over the weekend. Some peppers were SO spicy, I had to run for the milk, whereas others were very mild and tasted like miniature bells. I’m definitely going to let them ripen longer before picking the next round, but overall I’m very happy with the taste and spice level. I see tons of homemade hot sauce in my future! 6B3C92F3-C72F-47EF-AD5E-150859CCCB15.jpeg

  • Starting to see a few little peppers in there! They seem to be growing hidden in the middle-lower portion of the bush so I think I'm going to prune some of the bottom branches today. Also, I accidentally broke one of the branches while shifting the plant to look for peppers, luckily it wasn't the main stem. I decided to trellis it so that the broken branch can get some support. Pictures coming soon.





  • I don't think you will need a trellis. The walls of bloom should hold it up, but @saku had to use one. It would help spread out the branches a bit. I have a suction cup!

  • Now Pepe is trying to grow out of the door, but still looking awesome! More and more flowers every day. Was going to trellis, but am missing one of the suction cups, so I couldn't get a good hold. This plant is a bushier pepper plant anyway, so from reading more about it, a trellis and pruning might not be needed. The peppers themselves are only about 1-2 inches and are cone-shaped, so I don't think we'll necessarily need the support from the trellis. Regardless, I tried to spread out the plant a bit by stretching the branches to allow more light to reach the inner flowers. I'll see what happens over the next few days and decide whether or not to prune some of the bottom leaves. No flowers dropped so far!





  • That's allota flowers! I'll be really interested in how much blossom drop we get. Peppers are notorious for dropping flowers early -- but if we have the nutrients tuned right we should get some prolific fruit set as well. Can't wait to see!

  • Pepe's growing tons of flowers and seems to be doubling in size every 2 days. I'm going to do some pruning and I think I'll install the trellis today as well so that this can help spread out the branches and allow light to penetrate to the inner leaves and flowers.




  • @JT Says that it can grow up to 4 ft. tall. I am starting to see more and more stretching every day and it's beginning to see some flowers!



  • Did that seed packet give you a "height" for this variety? She is pretty! We should start seeing flowers soon. You can definitely start to see the impact of the lower lights on the lack of curl on those top leaves.