Perennial Plants

  • Hello fellow Bloomers, I started thinking about the possibilities of different types of plants that you could grow in a Bloom. During my thinking I started to think of Perennial plants (plants that last multiple years and go dormant during the winter, but regrow from the same roots the next year) such as berries, grapes, and citrus trees. Could you successfully create a wintery stage in your bloom recipe to recreate the dormant period observed by plants?

  • Wow that's really cool, I can't wait to give it a try someday. Thanks @JT.

  • Yes! By adjusting temperature and light cycle you should be able to "put a plant into hibernation". The other cool part here is that most plants will adapt to just a "full year" of summer -- perennials have adapted to winters, but most like it when it is always summer too, and just keep on growing.