Draining your Nutrient Reservoir

  • Hey all - Just here to add a quick note for when you're draining your main Nutrient Reservoir. The process is very easy and the Control Panel will walk you through the steps. Be sure to have a bucket ready for the process.

    Additionally, do not worry if you hear a loud noise coming from your pump when your reservoir has about 2 inches of water left to drain. This noise is perfectly normal and is just the sound of the pump doing its' job.

    Here's a video where you can hear what is to be expected.


    You should drain and refill your main Nutrient Reservoir every 2 weeks (your Stage Change alerts will remind you to do so). This will help maintain the proper nutrient balance that your plants will want and need for optimal growth.

  • Check out this post in Q&A for an explanation of what the Drain Tube does:

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