Ackbar OG 2.0

  • Hey @growguy here! Had a little bit of a slow start so let me catch you up. The first picture I have is from day 10 and it is already looking very healthy. I had to go home for the holidays so I had my friend watch it for a few days and the second picture is how I left it. Luckily, I topped it right before I left because when I returned it was way bigger than I had expected! (3rd and 4th pics) Looks like it is time to top it again but I’ll save that for another post.
    IMG_6764.jpg IMG_6763.jpg

  • Congrats @growguy! Glad to see that your first grow was a success!

  • The results of my first grow were better than I had expected with a total yield of just under 10.75 ounces! I’ve been growing cannabis for a few years now as a hobby and have never produced anything close to this quantity. The quality of the buds is quite nice too with good density and plenty of visible trichomes which is way better than what I have grown in the past using other equipment. As you can see from my journey, even though I struggled a little bit and did not do everything perfectly I still managed to have an exceptional harvest thanks to my BLOOM.

  • That’s a beautiful harvest!

  • @growguy Thanks for sharing your journey! This will help a lot of others when they get to this stage.

  • My first grow in my BLOOM just ended a few days ago and I am quite pleased with the outcome. The plant was a little too big for my unit by the end so for the next grow I plan to work on my trimming and training skills to help prevent this from happening again and probably starting the flowering cycle sooner. Since it was so big it took me a fairly long time to get it all trimmed and hanged for drying but was a lot of fun. To dry it I simply hung the provided net from the ceiling by the suction cup hooks and attached all of the branches using paperclips. I was a little worried that the weight of all of it would pull the suction cups off but it seems to be holding just fine. I’ll give these a few weeks in the BLOOM to dry properly then it’s off on the next grow!

  • So the lights were still on it seems? They just got super burnt, cut of that stuff and they will bounce back. I would also do a hard deleaf and undercut the weak lower branches. Let them recover and throw it into bloom cycle if it is not already. Things a beast!

  • Had a minor glitch in my BLOOM a couple days ago but I think my plant will recover just fine. At some point in the day my BLOOM froze without me noticing for a few hours and was not running any of its climate control systems causing the temperature and humidity to rise to extremely high levels. Once I discovered this I unplugged my BLOOM and plugged it back in which rebooted the system starting everything back up. I lost the tops off of a few colas but I have a feeling my plant will recover quickly.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Before cutting off the tops of all the stocks I wanted to see if I could get my plant to correct itself but had no luck with a variety of training techniques. I ended up cutting off the top 10 to 12 inches from each of the stocks to get my plant down to a more manageable height which was a tough decision to make but needed to be done. From there I needed to start training the branches again but I couldn’t use my SCROG net because it is trapped in the lower parts of the plant. I decided to use branch benders instead and they were equally as effective. From here on out I plan to keep adding branch benders as needed to keep the branches around the tops of the side lights.

  • Yikes! That is some major growth. I haven't been able to stress a plant out in here yet, so I'd recommend some major pruning (I think you know this). I threw mine into flower at about 14 inches tall (netted down) and she still overgrew.

  • After being away for a couple weeks I returned home to find this! My plant is out of control and nearly tripled in size after being gone for two weeks. I had one of my friends watch it while I was gone and he trimmed it every time he came over but my plant just grew too quickly. Growing in a Bloom is like nothing else and is a very hands-on grow because of the speed it grows these plants. I plan to alter my recipe to shorten the veg time and kick it into flowering a week or two earlier. I am pleased with the width it is at and looking back I'm not sure the SCROG net was the best call. My plant is too powerful and keeps pulling the net from the walls as well as stretching the holes in the net to whatever shape it wants. I think on the next grow I will focus on aggressive training earlier in the process and use branch benders instead of a SCROG net because I have had more success in the past with them when growing in tight locations. For now I think the next steps are to remove a majority of the fan leaves and lollipop the base of the plant.
    Here is a branch bender from a different plant.

  • I've been a little busy with the holidays and some traveling so these pictures are a little old but are still pretty cool. Before I went out of town for a couple of weeks I gave my plant another aggressive trim and put in a SCROG net. When putting in the net I started to notice some of the branches are quite thick and were difficult to get under the net. In the future I think I would like to put the SCROG net in sooner when it can manage the branches better. I think early training is key to a successful grow. IMG_6825.jpg IMG_6826.jpg

  • Beautiful growth! Super cropping Indica strains is very smart to maximize cola production within the bloom space. The scrog screen will be helpful to train the branches to grow away from the main stock. It may feel wrong but breaking your branch actually can help the strength and future production of your cannabis plant.

    Here is a helpful picture and link for more info.


  • My plant is growing so fast it is awesome to see! Here are some pictures from about a week ago. I've been having to trim leaves off every day or two and then I've been doing some major pruning about once a week. At this point I'm thinking I'm going to have to put a SCROG net in sometime next week because some of the branches are becoming too thick to bend down.IMG_6810.jpg IMG_6811.jpg

  • Great pruning job, this is very impressive.

  • That is looking great!

  • Gave my plant a solid trimming today which really opened it up. I just took off some of the larger leaves to get more light to the colas. It is also time to top it again but I need to think on how to trim it a little longer, this plant is growing more aggressively than normal. After the trim I started to try to do some low stress training by gently pushing down on the branches to get it to open up more to encourage lateral growth.IMG_6768 (1).jpg IMG_6769 (1).jpg

  • The toughest part I had in pruning was that the internodal spacing is so tight that I had trouble getting the scissors in. Be careful in there! Looks very healthy.