Hello grow family!

  • Hello! I received and set up my BLOOM today. I'm starting with Heirloom Roma tomatos from seed. I noticed there is a recipe for Roma's from live plant - any advice on a recipe starting from seed?
    Thanks! Looking forward to watching everyone's grow.

  • @JT Thanks for your help. I'll admit it was overwhelming at first - this is the first time I've done anything with hydroponics. But as I got started with the setup process it was really easy to follow. I'm now finished with the setup and seeds are planted without any issues. Super excited to learn more.

  • @magnolia Let us know what you thought of the interface and any confusing parts. And please start a thread in "show what you grow" to show us your progress!

  • @JT @BloomCS Thank you so much! I just finished inputting the recipe.

  • Hi @magnolia! The biggest difference between seed and live plant is just stretching out those first few stages to allow for the plant to get a bit older. If you don't mind inputting it (more sample recipes coming soon), here is a good recipe for roma's. I find recipes easiest to input on the App, but you can do it on app or control panel.


  • Welcome @magnolia! I've posted a recipe to get you going in the Recipes section, here. Let us know if you have any questions!