New Upgrade Available

  • Hello BLOOM Community,

    News Upate!

    On Dec 5 BLOOMs received a system upgrade that included improvements to the PPM and pH logic. You may have already seeing the message from your BLOOM telling you an upgrade is available.

    If you have not seen the message, you can find the update by going to your BLOOM's 'Wi-Fi' section. You get there by either touching the Wi-Fi icon or using your Control Panel Menu.

    Once in the Wi-Fi section, select 'Software Update. It will tell you there is one and if you touch 'OK' it will install it for you. The installation may take a minute or two and it is possible that your screen goes dark for a bit afterwards, that is normal, it is the system rebooting itself once the update is installed.

    After you install the update, you will have FW version V1.1.19.

    Let us know if you have any questions or issues updating your BLOOM. We're here to help. :blush: