Harvesting and Curing

  • A question popped into my head this morning based around the process of harvesting and curing for future bloom harvesters.

    With cannabis, one can grow the dankest most beautiful plant but if it is not harvested and cured properly can end up with flowers that smell and taste like hay.

    Is there any method developed yet to cut, trim, cure the final product in the bloom? Is there was a "cure" setting to have no light on but control humidity in order to slowly suck the moisture from the buds once the the plant is cut down?

    Are the growers ready for the harvest process? It can be more work then expected. Does one have the proper tools?

    -trim scissors
    -iso alc, coconut oil for cleaning
    -trim bins to catch debris
    -large mason jars for curing and storage
    -time to cut down and trim

    The process is normally smelly...and super fun!

  • Because of its environmental control and ventilation, Bloom makes an awesome curing cabinet. In past grows I've used the trellis to hang the cut plant. Then setting Bloom to 0 hours light, 68 degree temps, and the 60% humidity target, it slowly (but with plenty of circulation -- so no mold) cures the harvest to "just right" in about a week. I've built this "curing" stage into cannabis recipes I've developed. As to "how to trim your plant" we can probably have some folks post videos or step by step guides here on the forum eventually (maybe you?), but in the meantime there are lots of online guides for that.