Software Update 12/19

  • Hey you should get a software update today to version 1.1.23. Below is a full list of improvements, but please use this thread to report on two major things:

    1. How did the software update process go? Anything unexpected or "broken?"
    2. This version has significant improvements in app/device connectivity. Post update, we'd like to know if EVER your BLOOM app doesn't connect to your BLOOM device. It is expected that it could take up to five seconds to show the connection.

    Other updates include:

    1,optimized alert logic of PPM and PH;
    2, Add hidden Reboot button on the user infor page;
    3, optimized the MQTT connection;
    4, fixed light schedule bug;
    5, updated the leak alert function and logic;
    6, optimized the alert logic of the water flow sensor;
    7, optimized the resresh of the Token;
    8, Add MQTT status on the home page;
    9, fixed the back button issue in Quick Plant;
    10, fixed days number display issue when changing stage with water change;
    11, adjusted the testing value and actual value for pH and PPm;
    12, Update to 250 for the high PPM alert;
    13, Keep planting for changing stage without water change;
    14, fixed Iot command issue.

    Keep us posted on how it goes!

  • @greenwings that is my favorte Chinglish message. :)

  • @BloomCS All current. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! @greenwings You can check to make sure that the BLOOM completed the update by tapping the Wi-Fi icon -> Software Update. It should search for new updates and let you know if one is available or not. If no updates are available, then your BLOOM has completed the most recent update.

  • Hi, My updated ended with the 'Unfortunately, the BLOOM has stopped' message. Then the control panel appeared to restart and everything seems fine. Thank you!

  • My update went well - I also have connectivity on the App. I show two devices on my app - one being the first BLOOM that was returned - which does not have connectivity but is always the default device when I open the App. Is there a way to remove this device from my App?

    Also, I am noticing at random times during the day the lights on the BLOOM are off - but show they are "on" from the control panel. Any suggestions/thoughts about this?

  • My update went fine and I now have connectivity on the App for the first time in a long time :).