1 Week in -- Cannabis

  • I'm a first time grower of cannabis -- and thanks to Gr0w3r for the recipe -- but this is where I'm at 1 week in. I germintaed these outside of the BLOOM unit using the damp paper towel method, although in hindsight I could have started the process in the unit...I just wanted a head start :-). I have a question though -- on the grow tray where the plant is placed...does that tray fill up with water or no? And what do the two vented pipes do to the left of the tray? Thanks!65178e73-bed6-4df8-8a8a-a094cef7f7a0-image.png

  • Loving the teamwork from our BLOOM Community!

  • Yep, @I_like_plants has you covered, the little flowers in the buds are fine, but leaves with a separate stem should go.

    There are a lot of techniques for drying and trimming, and they all have pros and cons, but just do a little research, pick a method and stick to it, then just be patient and you are going to have some glorious nugs!

  • @dj Congrats! Looks like a happy, healthy cannabis plant. I would take off any fan leaves before you cut down and put the bloom into cure/dry stage. This is reduce the amount of moisture the system will have to remove and also will be easier and less messy to trim once ready. If you plan of keeping the trimmings to make into butter, oil, concentrate I would leave any leaves that have trichomes on them.

    The harvest and curing process is so important. One can grow the dankest plant and if the final processes are not done properly, can ruin a harvest leaving it smelling like hay and tasting nasty.

    Be patient and your time/effort will pay off!

    Keep the questions coming if they arise.

    well done!

  • @Gr0w3r , @HenHennesy , @I_like_plants

    Hello my informal cannibis-growing mentors :-). I'm about a week away from harvesting; I'm currently in the FLUSH stage and should move to DRY next week. Any steps/tip to harvesting you could share? And should I (or should I have) trimmed leaves on the bud itself? Thank you!3.25.2021.jpg

  • That’s definitely a girl! And I think we’re all learning just how fast you have to move to flowering stage in BLOOM and actively prune. My next grow will be awesomer :)

    @I_like_plants ; @HenHennesy ; @Dharma_Surfer ; @Gr0w3r ; @SpicyPeppers123 ; @BloomCS ; @BG1164
    Thanks to everyone for helping through this process -- the BLOOM has been very impressive, easy to use, and led me through the entire grow process without missing a beat. HenHennesy I did prune the plant quite a bit after my last post (I see now why this is quite important to manage the height) -- thanks you for that recommendation! I'll post more as the buds mature but this has been amazing so far!bud 2.10.21.jpg

  • Looking healthy!!

    Yes, nothing determinative yet in that picture @DJ, but as @I_like_plants said, some areas of the plant might show pistils sooner than other places. On a plant as large as yours they could be hiding in there!

    Those longer thin growths are called stipules and don't tell your sex. You are looking for little tiny hairs that grow out of the calyx which will be right next to the stipules, so you are looking in the right place. For reference, Betty just started to show her first pistils, and this is what they look like. You can see the calyx and little pistils starting to emerge.

    Also, I don't think it would hurt to trim off some of the big fan leaves lower down that are shaded. It won't hurt the plant and if it ends up being a male, who cares. If it ends up being a female she will put more energy into buds instead of those fan leaves.

  • Still hard to tell but the growth looks great! I would scout the whole plant for pistols. Some times they appear in certain parts of the plants and not others when they first begin to emerge.

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  • Hello again! It's just been a couple days but here are another couple pics I'm hoping will be helpful with the 'gender reveal' (we should have a party where we blow something up and it's either pink or blue, eh?). ALSO, and more importantly, my pruning probably hasn't been ideal and it might be too late at this point to rein it back in, but let me know what you think. That's the next step in my learning process here...I wanted to make sure I had a female plant first...if need be I can start over with a cutting. This thing is amazing friends and family (and myself) at this point...I've let it get a bit out of control!Num2.jpg Num3.jpg full plant 1.30.21.jpg

  • @dharma_surfer I do not but have used basic pocket microscope. what is this pic above?

  • @i_like_plants do you have a jewel? The calyx areas in pic at 60x or more will show sex. 5B33DF67-391A-41BC-9B73-4E2476E14877.jpeg

    Those are ‘nanner’ :(

  • @henhennesy Great pic! I don't see any signs of gender yet. Since your now in the bloom phase you should start to see pistols or round sacs emerging soon.

  • @dj I don't see any pistils yet so I think it is still a touch early too tell. Have you gone to a 12/12 light cycle yet?

    I don't see any stems with a ball which would be an indication it is a male. If I were to guess I think we are seeing the very early calyx of a female plant because those small features don't seem to have a stem and are starting to curl. This could be a very early sign of a female. It still needs more time before you can be sure though. If you start to see pistils, like tiny hairs, emerge from those calyx you can confirm it is a female. Patience for now!

    @I_like_plants, what do you think?


  • Alrighty -- I haven't posted in a bit as I was waiting for a little maturation of the plant. but the growth is phenomenal! My main question still lies with determining the gender of the plant -- here's a pic of the nodes as of today...any guesses or still too early?1.25.01.jpg

  • Any updates over here @DJ? What stage are you currently in?

  • And re pruning, you can cut just like in the basil picture above. Above the third set of "true leaves," snip exactly like in the picture.

  • @DJ Not seeing any signs of sex yet. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little longer to tell as it is hard to determine during veg stage. Keep us all posted with new photos and hopefully we'll be able to tell sooner than later.

  • @SpicyPeppers123 Does this show you anything?PXL_20210109_192718530.MP.jpg