What's on the back of the Light Blocker?

  • Some of you have been wondering what the tube and vials are that are secured to the back of your Light Blocker.

    The long tube is the Drain Tube that you will eventually use to drain your main Nutrient Reservoir. It is recommended to drain and refill your Nutrient Reservoir every 2 weeks during a Stage Change. Your control panel will remind you to do so and you'll have the option to complete the water change or skip it. The Control Panel will walk you through the steps to draining when you choose to do so. It is as easy as hooking up the Drain Tube to the mixing pump and tapping "Drain" on the Control Panel and placing the other end of the tube into an empty bucket.

    The other two vials are labeled PPM and pH and these are your PPM and pH Calibration vials. You'll want to calibrate the PPM and pH sensors after finishing a grow and before beginning a new one. If you go to the Main Menu and select "Calibration" you will be able to learn more and start the calibration process when you're ready. Two different calibration solutions will be required for this step and will be available for purchase on our BloomGrows.com website.


    Please feel free to reply if you still have questions, we're here to help!