Buckeye Betty

  • Here she goes!

    Germinated Betty from seed and opened within 24 hours!

    Sprout started to emerge 2 days later.

    By day 7 she has fully emerged. Cotyledons and her first two real leaves looking good.

    Today, day 9, she is already starting two new leaves!

  • This is something special, well done and thank you bloom beta!

  • Incredible. Bar raiser yield for sure.

  • That’s beautiful @HenHennesy! I think that is the biggest yield to date. There is definitely plenty to share!

  • So I got antsy and started sampling the harvest during trimming, hahaha, but I came out around 11.9oz total. We'll call it 12+!!!

    I don't have a good photo of the total harvest as I quickly started sharing with friends, but here are some highlights. On to the next grow!!

    Yes, these are 7in+ buds!




    I had about three of these 2L ball jars full after harvest!


  • @HenHennesy she has to be dry (or too dry!) by now. How did it finish?

  • Any news on the final yeild?

  • {jaw drop}

    Looks incredible.

  • Quick addition, I pulled out my DLSR camera with a macro lens to have some fun, as well as show anyone unfamiliar with trichomes what we are talking about!

    Glamor Shot:


    You can see the glandular trichomes here covering the plant. Some are clear, some translucent, and others amber, which is a great time to harvest. If you harvest late they will all be amber and lead to a heavier indica like high, which is desired for some strains.


    I'll post a final yield in dry weight in about a week. I'm optimistic it will be close to 1/2 a lb!

    Cheers BLOOMERS

  • Day 95 - Harvest!

    I loved you Betty and I think you loved the Bloom, but today is your day.

    I hate dry trimming so I went for a pretty significant wet trim. I thought it would look cool to see a fully trimmed plant in the Bloom so I trimmed before I cut anything down. I thought it came out pretty neat.


    Cut and hung for a 5-7 day dry in the Bloom. Temperature, light, and humidity controlled dry is something I've never experience, how cool! Once the buds are dry I'll do a quick final dry trim to manicure the buds. Then I'm going to go with a long slow cure in Ball jars with daily 'burping' to get these buds smelling and looking top shelf.

    Thank you Bloom!

  • That bud looks 14 inches long! Nice colors.

  • She’s beautiful. Amazing.

  • Day 87 and into the final stretch here. Betty's buds bulked up more since the last post and really got some nice purples and pink colors going on now. It seems like her growth has been slowing so I'm going to let the Bloom go into the final stage change today. I do think adding an extra week on this strain was beneficial though.

    All that is left is 7 days in flush and then we harvest, and I have to say what a fun and exciting grow this has been for me!







  • Thanks @pdxbloom!

    @Gr0w3r Yes, that is the plan, and I'll be sure to upload the slightly modified recipe. Mostly stuck with the original but I changed the temps and extended the grow time in flower. At 94 days that will give Betty another 2 weeks, but if I take it all the way to 100 days it's nearly 3 more weeks.

    I've read a grow journal for this strain that went for 120 days! I don't think I'm going to go that long, but we will be patient and see :)


  • That looks awesome! And good call on adding a stage. Create a recipe that copies what you did after the grow so we can learn. I think you could still be a few weeks from harvest, but others might know better.

  • Looks amazing. Learning a ton!

  • It's Day 79 in the Bloom for Buckeye Betty and she is getting close! I'm going to modify the recipe and add an extra week and then play by ear from there to decide when to flush and harvest. I'm guessing I'll harvest between day 94 and day 100.

    It's been about a week since I modified and dropped the temps down to 70F daytime and 55F nighttime and we are seeing some new colors. I'm hoping with a couple more weeks of cold temps even more nice colors form. It looks like Betty was actually a Buckeye Purple and Jack Herer cross, which is why she doesn't have as much purple, but very frosty nugs. Should be delicious and a fantastic high!

    I decided to take one more aggressive prune called defoliation that removes pretty much all the leaves. This isn't always a good move and can shock or hurt the plant if it doesn't get perfect conditions, but the Bloom offers that so I'm giving it a shot. Defoliation before harvest lets the plant put the very last of its energy into the buds and nothing else.

    The buds are stacking nicely, and hopefully, they plump up even more as we get close to harvest, but the yield looks very promising.







  • @HenHennesy , I think you could go a few more weeks there and still be adding mass. Don’t feel rushed! You can just repeat the last bloom stage forever, just doing water changes. Let the plant be your guide (then adjust the recipe and post it so we all learn)

  • @HenHennesy Very impressive, thanks for sharing!

  • Glamour Shot