Is she ready?

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  • The pistols of the bud are a great indication of maturity but the true indicator will be seen in the trichomes.

    Depending on the strain being grown is can be beneficial to harvest sooner or later depending on the trichome color and % of trichome's changing color. The longer you let the plant go the darker the trichomes will get which creates a more sedative high even in sativa strains. As the plant goes longer the more cannabinoids will be produced as well (cbd, cbn, cbg etc).

    The trichome's exposed to the most light will be the first ones to go, the interior of the bud will take longer as well as lower more shaded ones. It can be hard to see the exact color which is why I use a little hand held magnifier that allows me to get a closer look at 10x 20x 30x

    This link is very informative and should provide the answers your looking for!

  • Wowzer. She is ready to double in bud size from there. At this point your buds will still be developing mass. You'll want to switch to flush (some debate on whether or not to flush, you can google that) when the trichromes get milky, caramel colored. Lots of images online like the following to help guide you along. @I_like_plants, @growguy, @dj, @OtterEm @Harvester, @HenHennesy any other advice/comments for @Taste_of_life?

    I think you have another month or so. Your biggest challenge will still be keeping her out of the lights. Search LST (low stress training) for some ideas on how to do it.