Bloom Buddies!

  • Hello Bloom family! My name is Stina and I'm very excited to get started and see what everyone is growing!

    We got our Bloom a couple of weeks ago and I've been working on pre-sprouting some anemone and ranunculus corms! We decided to do flowers for our first round so we get to test out the 6 grow pod setup! Super excited to have fresh cut flowers while the ground outside is still frozen. I'm an avid home gardener and currently an intern at a flower farm, really excited to try my hand at hydroponics!

    Here are the corms before you soak them! The octopus looking one is the ranunculus and the acorn one is an anemone.

    They need to be soaked in room temperature water for 3-4 hours.

    After soaking.

    Normally you would use a seed tray but since I'm only pre-sprouting 8 corms, I used a loaf dish! haha

    Now they're hanging out in our fridge which sits right above 40 degrees for 10-14 days. Once they're pre-sprouted they'll be transplanted into the grow baskets with clay balls. Next time I check in on them I'll snap a picture and share.

  • OK so very soon (within a week or two?) we'll be able to just upload and download these recipes online. But for now, @stina_carroll, here is a recipe I think will work for you Anenome. You'll need to create the recipe and copy the stages in your Bloom (you can do it on the app or on the control panel, I find the app easier and you can upload better images). You can repeat the last stage over and over. Also, I'd recommend turning the lights down to about 65% power -- these are spring and fall bloomers and won't like the intense Bloom lights at 100%. Most important, post pictures regularly and we'll comment on suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

    ![alt text](IMG-8034.PNG image url)IMG-8038.PNG IMG-8039.PNG IMG-8040.PNG

  • Welcome, Stina! This sounds like an interesting grow and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  • Hi @JT! Sounds good about the recipe and thank you! You're correct, they like it on the cooler side! I'm excited as well! I'll keep everyone posted on the pre-sprouting progress.

    @BloomCS thank you and sounds good! I'll let you know if I have any questions!

  • Hi @stina_carroll and welcome to the forum! We're very interested to see how these do over the next few months. Please keep us updated as this is certainly a new venture for the BLOOM. As always. know that we're here to help at every step of the way!

  • Welcome!

    Those look so fun! I read up on them over the weekend and should have a recipe for you soon. They grow best at about 55-60 degrees. It will be a great test for BLOOM to see if we can control to a temperature that low. These plants get pretty big so it will be interesting to see how many grow well in a Bloom all at once. I'm excited for the adventure!